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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Tri-Tech AIMsi

Tri-Tech was founded in 1984 as a way to help retail clients with accounting management software. At first, the company only worked with clients in the music industry. They grew into an accounting and inventory management software provider found in all 50 states. Today, Tri-Tech serves clients around the globe. They service retail clients, providing point of sale software that keeps track of sales trends and inventory across multiple locations. The company is known for innovation. They develop new products and features as client businesses flourish. Through constant customer contact, Tri-Tech understands exactly what is needed from their accounting management software.

Tri-Tech’s point of sale solution is called AIMsi. It incorporates accounting management software with inventory management functions. With it, clients track customer sales, consignments, and loyalty cards. AIMsi tracks electronic loyalty cards and provides reporting software to help make the most of the aggregate information. As retail POS software, AIMsi boasts bar code labeling, purchase order tracking and accounts payable functions. Use the platform to send emails or as a CRM. The uses of the software expand as companies grow. It’s simple enough to benefit a single location, but it has enough power to track repair and service schedules across an array of satellite stores, too.

This accounting management software was designed by retail experts for the retail industry.

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