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About Agile HR

Agile HR offers solutions for Applicant Tracking, Employee Onboarding, and Performance Management. Their web-based applicant tracking system provides you with a robust system at a fraction of the cost of some competitors. The software reinforces Agile HR’s theory of attracting top talent at all levels of the organization by utilizing performance profiles. In addition to the standard requisition and candidate management modules, Agile HR offers a fully-developed job description management module and library to help you really define the positions you are trying to fill.


The beauty of Agile Onboarding is that you will not only be more organized than ever before, but everything will be stored digitally, eliminating the stacks of paperwork that normally accompany the new-hire process. Reports, employee surveys, trainings, videos, and forms are filled out by the employees through the software, and then uploaded and organized for easy access. Your communication with your employees will be instant, clear, and concise.

Performance Management

Traditional performance management creates piles of data and organizing it is no easy task. With Agile Performance Management, all your employee review processes are simplified and automated- saving everyone in your organization time. Quickly report on HR analytics, track where managers and employees are in the appraisal process, send out reminders, and most importantly- have your managers and employees complete their online reviews with just a few clicks of a button.

Agile helps organizations recruit, onboard, and manage top talent without the stress and expense of enterprise-level systems. In business since 2010, Agile HR’s priority and focus has been on creating systems that make employers and employees better at what they do. Their applications feature intuitive screens, solid business logic, strong auditing capabilities and is supported by great customer service.

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