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About SAP Afaria

Sybase, an SAP company, provides mobile device management solutions to companies seeking a flexible and secure method of enhancing enterprise mobility. Sybase’s SAP Afaria allows IT administrators to manage and secure all mobile devices, tablets, and applications used within an organization. SAP Afaria is ideal for large companies in virtually any industry.

Sybase’s SAP Afaria is a mobile device management platform capable of cloud or on-premises deployment. This platform allows control of iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, and Android devices. In addition to application and content management features, SAP Afaria enables device management functions for both company-issued and personal devices. This provides enhanced security for companies that need to ensure data is safe. Unlike other mobile device management services, SAP Afaria can be implemented within other programs, like SAP Mobile Platform, to enhance security and management functions. SAP Afaria has multiple advanced functions for IT administrators including device configuration, data partitioning, group administration, reporting and a self-service portal. Large businesses and organizations benefit from SAP Afaria’s ability to provide consistently high levels of security, increase employee productivity and mobilize collaboration.

Sybase’s SAP Afaria has been successfully implemented by leading businesses seeking to integrate mobile productivity and enhance security within an organization. Satellites Unlimited, Inc., a satellite programming retailer in Alabama, was struggling to efficiently manage the company’s remote workflows via tablets. SAP Afaria was chosen by Satellites Unlimited, Inc. to tackle multiple challenges including complicated updating procedures, the need for GPS capabilities, and overcoming capability constraints. After choosing SAP Afaria, Satellites Unlimited, Inc. was able to streamline workflows, improve communication channels, and reduce IT costs through enhanced efficiency.

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