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ADS, or Apparel Data Solutions, is an ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software provider. The target industries for this company are accessories, footwear, apparel and home furnishings. ADS is located in New York, and has been in business for over 20 years. When updates are available for the software provided, the company releases them at little to no cost to their existing clients. ADS has numerous products that can be deployed alongside their ERP solution for increased productivity.

ADS software offers a variety of modules so that clients can choose only the services they need. Beginning with a base accounting module, clients may build an ERP software solution that has only the functionality they require. Add-on modules include: retailer electronic data interchange (EDI), import tracking, warehouse lot locator, RFID capabilities, eCommerce, production control, raw and finished material inventory management, warehouse EDI, and factor EDI. These modules combine to provide a full ERP solution that can streamline the operations of any apparel, accessory, footwear, or home furnishing manufacturer or distributor. ADS can integrate with almost any legacy business software, so you likely won’t need to upgrade or replace your existing software. ADS ERP can help grow your business by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, cutting costs, increasing agility, enabling just-in-time inventory management, and increasing product quality.

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