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About Adaptive Insights Suite

Adaptive Insights was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing the best in corporate performance management software solutions. They are dedicated to helping clients implement, customize, understand, and use business performance management software in order to create a more profitable company. All of their software has an automatic update feature. Adaptive Insights is serious about customer service and is always looking to provide their customers with creative software solutions.

Adaptive Suite is the only unified, cloud-based corporate performance management software on the market. Designed to be easy to use and implement, it is accessible from anywhere, an all-in-one package including the best business performance management software modules that Adaptive Insights distributes. It is engineered to streamline the day-to-day details of a company. Adaptive Suite incorporates Adaptive Planning for budgeting and forecasting, Adaptive Consolidation for entry management and re-classifications, Adaptive Discovery for modeling and trend analysis, Adaptive Reporting for building web based reports, and Adaptive Integration for ERP and CRM data source connectors.

Proven to reduce cycle times by as much as 90 percent, Adaptive clients like Mayo Clinic Health Solutions have realized enormous time savings. According to their testimonial, the clinic cut their planning cycle from four months to mere days. Other clients experience similar results. Enhance efficiency and profitability with Adaptive Suite’s comprehensive set of business performance management software solutions.

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