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Career services software with AI-assisted job search and reporting
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AcuspireProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Acuspire
  3. Cons of Acuspire
  4. Breakdown of core features

Acuspire product overview

Acuspire is a highly automated re-employment services platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It connects employers and job seekers with AI-assisted matching and tracks outcomes in real time. It empowers re-employment organizations, recruitment agencies, and educational institutions to identify relevant job opportunities and enables clients to achieve success.

Acuspire reduces the time to search for new positions and provides greater transparency for re-employment organizations. The platform uses an intelligent system that learns and adapts continually to deliver optimal results to both candidates and employers.

Pros of Acuspire

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  • It brings accessibility-focused features, such as viewing jobs on a map indicating commute time and route via multiple transportation options including public transit, bike, walk, and car.
  • Unlike the traditional search process, the software’s advanced algorithm instantly connects resumes with jobs that are a strong potential fit.

Cons of Acuspire

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  • Acuspire doesn’t have native mobile applications.

Breakdown of core features

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Workforce development

Acuspire improves workforce development programs by automatically identifying skill gaps between workers and market needs. It also automates reports as well as the process of matching workers with ranked job opportunities.

AI-assisted instant job matching

The platform utilizes AI to match workers with available job opportunities and vice-versa. Moreover, it ranks job seekers and employers. In order to do this, Acuspire gathers a massive amount of data from open data catalogs, job sites, and career site APIs. It then analyzes the data by leveraging its proprietary algorithms, language database, and machine learning API services to interpolate accurate results for job candidates and recruiters.


Acuspire scores resumes in real-time, allowing candidates to refine their resumes and increase their chances for success. In addition, it sends daily updated ranked job matches.


The software offers flexible reporting tools to monitor effort and outcomes with quantifiable results. Its reports show success metrics and critical operational data at a glance. Employers can view the success rate of jobs filled and candidates placed with detailed real-time, monthly, and quarterly reports.

(Last updated on 09/09/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

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  • Job Postings and Resumes
  • Workforce Development
  • AI-assisted instant job/resume matching
  • Resume Bank Search
  • Job Bank Search
  • Daily Job Alerts
  • Request Interviews
  • Message Applicants
  • Metrics Reporting
  • SSO
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Add-ons
  • Custom Knowledge Base Portal
  • Full Website Integration
  • Map with Marked Job Locations
  • View Commute Times for Jobs
  • View Commute Times by Transportation Method


  • Shopify
  • Auth0
  • Microsoft Azure AD SSO
  • Google SSO
  • LinkedIn SSO

Pricing Model

  • Premium
  • Enterprise


  • English
  • French