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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About nQativ Activity

Founded in 1977, Compu-Share created a business accounting software for minicomputers. In 2006, a new dba, nQativ, was established for their nQativ software. nQativ is a business management software system solution and is the result of 30 years of developing functionality based on customer wish lists. The result is state-of-the art business accounting software.

Activity is nQativ’s business management system that utilizes a SQL database. It allows users to see the data on-screen rather than hiding it so it is only accessible through codes. Changes made by one user are seen in real time by other users, eliminating the need to constantly refresh your screen. With 30 of years experience from nQativ, Activity is a stable and robust business accounting software solution. It provides invaluable insights so you can rapidly make informed business decisions. It has powerful reporting functions and is scalable, designed to grow along with growing businesses. With data-centric modeling, users can choose specific data and perform operations on that chosen set. Its sophisticated audit system provides change logs so administrators can determine who changed what data and when. Different levels of security are designed for different levels of users, so employees only access what they need to. Several companies can be defined within one Activity System. Budgets, vendor records, payroll, invoices, time sheets and more are all importable into Activity. Data can also be exported to most formats. Custom fields are easily added and like data can be associated via data links. The filter and sort capabilities are user-friendly and feature-rich.

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