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About Accruent

Accruent is a resource planning software company founded in 1995 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Accruent now serves more than 1,200 organizations in over 120 countries providing industry-specific site, lease, project, facilities and asset management solutions. The company employs approximately 165 workers.

Accruent’s facility management solution caters to the corporate world, higher education institutions, the public sector and retail. It helps businesses identify and manage maintenance needs and saves time by allowing customers to request orders using the 360Facility or FAMIS. It also helps planning and scheduling with the web-based work order lifecycle system. By integrating CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) systems, the facility management solution minimizes mistakes and improves collaboration among functional groups.

The maintenance management software from Accruent will assist in tracking and monitoring property and other assets and optimize order and inventory management to reduce costs and wasted resources. The project management software will make sure renovations and maintenance are not only meeting deadline requirements, but are also within the budget. It can be utilized to inform and update stakeholders about ongoing projects, identify and prevent obstacles, and contact contractors.

The facility management solutions provides greater visibility and control to help locations grow and to optimize the performance of real estate. With retail site selection, clients will be able to manage occupancy, facility costs and more in order to right-size their portfolios. Staples, a top office supply retailer, had experienced rapid growth. Their previous lease management solution could not meet the demands of this expansion. Their accounting system required employees to manually calculate percentage rent and enter lease payments, leading to errors. After implementing Accruent, Staples decreased their rent processing time by 67 percent and reduced inaccuracies. The simplified reporting saved man-hours, and the software solution’s functionality reduced tenant-to-landlord calculation and processing time by 33 percent.

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