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About Metasystems Accelerated ERP

Metasystems, founded in Ohio in 1975, is a software development firm that produces a manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for discrete manufacturers known as Accelerated ERP. The company’s software products serve a number of manufacturing industries, such as MTO, ETO, CTO, ATO and mixed mode. They also offers IT consulting services to complement its products and improve customer relations. In addition to its manufacturing ERP software services and consulting services, Metasystems seeks to develop long-term business relationships with its clients. In addition to its off-the-shelf software solutions, Metasystems can design customized business software for manufacturers.

Metasystems’ Accelerated ERP software for manufacturing has numerous features, including order management feature, which allows the business owner to place and take orders, and track all of the information involved. The manufacturing feature allows the business owner to track and control inventory, place materials orders, and track and maintain time and attendance records. The financials feature allows the user to track data pertaining to purchasing, inventory movement, labor reporting, and invoicing. Customer relationship management (CRM) functionality is built-in, including after-market support, allowing manufacturers to keep track of warranty status, claims, RMAs, and other related information from within the Accelerated ERP software. The software helps maximize efficiency when utilizing these functions thanks to a ‘workbench’ design; each area of the business has a singular dashboard interface from which all pertinent functions can be accessed. Built-in ‘workbenches’ exist for Sales Order, Purchasing, Engineering, Shop Floor, and Financials. It’s multi-company and multi-plant capabilities make Accelerated ERP beneficial for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

In short, Metasystems’ Accelerated ERP is an excellent solution for any manufacturer seeking an enterprise resource planning tool.

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