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About Absolute Manage

Absolute Software is a computer technology company that helps businesses and individual professionals protect their IT assets. Through state-of-the-art technology and specialized services, Absolute Software combats computer theft and lowers IT costs. Its mobile device management (MDM) solution utilizes “absolute persistence” technology, which fights unauthorized efforts to remove or uninstall it.

The Absolute Manage endpoint gives organizations and businesses the ability to manage and secure computers, laptops, and other mobile devices from a single console. Whether used as a component in a larger IT security strategy or as a stand-alone solution, Absolute Manage boasts wide configuration flexibility for MDM. Absolute Manage gives companies the ability to monitor the status of each device, update system software, and remotely take any necessary security actions including removing individual apps, locking a device, and even wiping a device of all data. The software is cross-platform, can be implemented as an on-premise or a cloud-based solution, and works on both Mac and Windows servers which eliminates the need to invest in specific infrastructure.

The University of Akron embraced Absolute Manage software as its solution for mobile device management. Through Absolute Manage, the university was able to ensure that all university-owned Macintosh computers received the latest Apple Software updates. Absolute Manage also kept the rest of the University of Akron’s computers up-to-date and maintained a first-rate technological experience for all users.

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