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About ABELMed

ABELMed is a privately-held technology company that offers Windows-based software solutions to organizations within the healthcare industry. With their ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM solution, they allow medical practices to streamline their management system with superior Electronic Health Records (EHR) functionality. ABELMed’s software is used by not only healthcare professionals but also medical office management and healthcare IT schools.

ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM is a software solution for healthcare professionals offering a full range of features and capabilities for practice management and electronic health records. With ABELMed, a medical practice can easily schedule appointments for multiple providers, automatically create bills, and ensure that all documents are properly stored. This software also allows the development and control of electronic medical records for patients, quick documentation of common patient complaints using custom templates, and the creation a cumulative patient profile. Companies can also electronically communicate with other departments and take control of finances. Recalls can be generated for patients who require certain health maintenance activities and the software provides help in managing patients with chronic diseases more effectively. ABELMed also features enhanced security and privacy as well as reporting and analysis tools.

One healthcare professional who successfully implemented ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM in his practice is Dr. Naresh Kumar, an internist and cardiologist who treats nearly 500 patients each month in Whitby, Ontario. Dr. Kumar originally used a paper-based system for his office, but switching to ABELMed significantly streamlined his practice while cutting costs. Using this system, Dr. Kumar was able to cut his secretarial staff and weekly dicta-typist’s time in half. He also freed up 800 square feet in his office by eliminating paper charts, allowing Dr. Kumar to create a new cardiac rehab clinic.

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