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About 4Site

4Site is a leader in the field of enterprise asset management software solutions and is dedicated to offering proactive solutions for the mining, power generation and process industries. They ensure that the implementation and use of the CMMS software does not create a loss of time for their clients. 4Site is dedicated to making sure their software is easy to use and grows with the client.

4Site Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) is a CMMS software solution that improves businesses’ asset maintenance to counter diminishing value and damages. This cost-effective enterprise management software integrates easily into a company’s day-to-day systems, and keeps track of all the accounting, purchasing, inventory, technician and maintenance needs involved in enterprise asset management. The ability to monitor asset performance reduces expenses due to unnecessary maintenance, inventory loss, downtime and loss of productivity.

Lake Shore Gold needed detailed maintenance, purchasing and inventory data for reporting to finance and operations teams. They selected 4Site EAM for their CMMS solution because of its integration abilities, functionality and cost-effectiveness. With 4Site, integrated maintenance allows the company to maximize the performance of its assets, resulting in cost savings. The immediate access to department-level data also helps to control costs. Real-time information and user-defined workflow make scheduling, planning and operations more efficient. Manager Rick Stewart says, “If I had to select an EAM solution again, I would absolutely choose 4Site.”

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