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About 42 Terabytes

42 Terabytes is a content and strategy company that specializes in gamification and social rewards programs. They offer professional and creative services including designing campaigns, content creation, community engagement activities, and results analysis. 42 Terabytes specializes in three areas: market research, consulting, and deployment services for gamification systems.

They provide comprehensive industry analysis including international sales and industry information on specific demographic groups. 42 Terabytes also maintains a complete list of the newly offered social rewards that are available throughout the industry. In addition, they maintain a daily blog and provide analysis on social rewards trends. Their consulting services include client and market evaluation, bid management, and implementation recommendations. The company recognizes that choosing a Social Rewards program is going to look different for every company – there is a unique solution for every business that considers its company culture and ecosystem. With their comprehensive consultation services, 42 Terabytes is able to accelerate the decision-making process, negotiate favorable terms for their clients, and assist in establishing a plan for deployment.

CruisesOnly, a multi-brand travel distributor, partnered with 42 Terabytes to create and deploy a social rewards and loyalty program. After a client consultation, 42 Terabytes designed the program around the Manumatix Bamboo platform to actively manage all aspects of the program for CruisesOnly. 42 Terabytes uses their experience in the gamification industry to determine which platform would be most beneficial for their clients. After implementation, it is not uncommon to see a dramatic spike in user engagement.

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