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About 24SevenOffice PM

24Seven Technology Group, a Norwegian company, provides project management tools for companies in several countries. 24SevenOffice, their flagship business project management software, can fit companies’ needs, whether they operate in one country, or across the globe. 24Seven’s success comes, in part, from their vision. The company’s leadership sought to create a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business and project management solution. Since 24Seven’s inception in 1997, they’ve spent nearly 20 years developing business and project management software.

24SevenOffice is optimized for companies that need a powerful, customizable project management solution. 24SevenOffice is versatile and powerful enough that many businesses consider the product to be a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The whole system runs on an open API allowing for modular customization by your own developers or a hired consultant. Clients can add financial features and integrate HR software when they want to track timesheets and other HR-related functions. Clients can also enable customer relationship management (CRM) features or integrate with their existing CRM solution when they need to track client engagement. 24SevenOffice also includes internal communication modules, or if preferred, can be integrated with most email clients. The system is appropriate for businesses of varying sizes. Clients pay per user, per month, so the full enterprise features are especially powerful for those with smaller workforces.

Serving clients in Sweden, South America, the United Kingdom, Norway, and many other locales, 24Seven Technology Group’s products are used by more than 6,000 companies for solutions to their business and project planning software needs.

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