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About 10,000ft Plans

10,000ft Plans is a web-based resource and project planning software application with a visual interface featuring intuitive, drag-and-drop input. The name refers to the overview this project scheduling software is intended to give for managing planning, people, and projects.

Each project has its own page, allowing users to see its real-time status. 10,000ft Plan’s flexible format can be customized for each user and role. The system’s “best practice templates” feature allows for new projects to be created from copies of existing or former ones and then modified as needed, streamlining project creation to save time and money. Team members can be organized not only by name, but also by skill sets and availability, and there is a central “board” where users can check the status of other users. 10,000ft Plans also features time and expense tracking software with pre-populated time sheets that provide guidelines to team members as to how much time should be spent on a particular task, actual time spent, and budget and expense tracking. Additionally, time tracking can be input and monitored via smartphone, allowing project managers and contributors to access important information on the go. Visual reports and analytics can be generated with 10,000ft Plans as well, and information from completed projects can be incorporated to make it easier to learn from past experiences.

Pricing for 10,000ft Plans starts at just $9/user/month. Not sure if 10,000ft Plans is the right project management system for your business? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique needs. 

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