Intent Clicks: Editorial Guidelines

In order to maintain high-quality and relevant content for our readers, we ask that advertisers comply with our editorial guidelines.

  • Product name must contain no more than 100 characters
  • Product name must only contain the name of the specific product. No descriptive copy will be allowed in the product name field
  • Ad description must contain no more than 500 characters
  • No portion of product or ad descriptions may appear in all caps unless in the case of a common acronym or initialism
  • Referring to a competitor company or product name is not allowed
  • No portion of product or ad descriptions may contain emojis or special characters
  • Ad descriptions and names cannot include links to your website or other marketing site, a phone number, email address, physical address, social media handle or any other means of contacting the vendor directly
  • We will reject listings that include claims that cannot be objectively proven: a common example would be ” Product X is the best solution on the market”

While the following recommendations are not required, we have found that they can bring improved performance for intent clicks programs.

  • Landing page URL: we recommend including UTMs to track performance, or at the very minimum, providing a unique link for our campaigns
  • Landing page recommendations: high performing landing pages typically include a simple, compelling headline and clear calls to action
  • If you offer multiple products, or if your product name differs from your company name, you may consider including your company name in the ad description.

We are happy to provide an evaluation of your landing pages upon request.