TSheets vs. Paycor

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TSheets vs. Paycor

Can't decide which HR software is right for your business? We're here to help with a comparison of features between TSheets and Paycor.

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In human capital management (HCM), HR, time and attendance, payroll, and benefits administration are usually interconnected as parts of a whole. They’re essential in ensuring the workforce is satisfied and highly-motivated to perform to the best of their ability for the company. TSheets and Paycor are two software solutions that differ in their approaches to HCM. One focuses on time and attendance, integrating it with payroll, and the other provides a more complete solution.

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TSheets vs. Paycor: An overview 

TSheets is a time tracking application for streamlining payroll, issuing accurate invoices, and monitoring time and attendance. Owned by Intuit, TSheets is a member of and seamlessly integrates with the QuickBooks family of applications.

Paycor is an HCM software application that offers complete HR solutions from recruiting and onboarding to workforce management and payroll administration. It combines analytics in its platform for better business decisions.

TSheets: a master of time

When it comes to time tracking and management, TSheets has the upper hand, and it focuses on offering time tracking tools to simplify and speed up processes and ensure accuracy. TSheets features time tracking, mobile app, scheduling, integrations with payroll, team management, geofencing, and reporting.

Time tracking

By tracking employee hours, you can save on payroll and improve efficiency and accuracy. TSheets’ time tracker is accessible on any device — desktop, mobile (Android, iOS), and via a web browser, letting you access reports in real time, customize settings and data, and manage timesheets.


Time clock

TSheets time clock works like a traditional punch time clock but with biometrics and the process simplified through an app. It works on any computer or mobile device with internet connectivity.

Mobile with GPS

TSheets features mobile timesheets and time tracking with built-in GPS, so you know the location of the employee, and you can track his or her activities. It keeps teams on track, allowing managers to clock team members in and out, coordinate in real time, increase accountability, and ensure every hour clocked in is paid.

Project tracking and a streamlined scheduling

TSheets lets you view project status and monitor labor estimates. It streamlines scheduling and features timesheet signatures and submission and tracking of paid time off (PTO).

Integration with QuickBooks and compatibility

TSheets connects with QuickBooks in its online payroll, allowing you to manage employee time, calculate and distribute pay, and generate real-time reports. TSheets is compatible with any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop), facial recognition, GPS tracker, quick clock-in and clock-out, easy integrations, and detailed reporting. 

Paycor, a modernizer of HCM

Paycor modernizes HCM by automating its processes. It provides advanced tools for recruitment, onboarding, talent and workforce management, learning and development, time and attendance, payroll and benefits administration, compliance, and reporting. It has everything an HR administrator needs, and it’s easy to use and accessible anytime on any device.


Paycor is designed for recruiters, and it offers an advanced applicant tracking system for recruitment. It delivers a powerful recruitment dashboard for attracting talent, strategizing compensation and benefits packages, and better understanding candidates.

Human resources

For its HR functionality, Paycor optimizes HR by simplifying the collection of employee data, enhancing time and attendance management, automating benefits enrollment, managing compliance, and helping facilitate employee learning.

Integrating HR data

Paycor integrates information from HR, payroll and tax, benefits, time and attendance, and compliance. It analyzes data and delivers real-time insights, visualization, and forecast in a language people understand.

Time and attendance

Paycor offers advanced time and attendance tools to track, measure, and predict labor cost trends. It automates time-keeping processes to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors, and it integrates with payroll and HR. It features time off, employee self-service, notifications and messaging, mobile punching and geofencing, time and attendance exceptions, overtime insights, wage and hour compliance, time theft reduction, and scheduling. 


Paycor’s online payroll system is not only easy to use but also powerful, and it is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It features smart streamlining of processes, employee support, employee pay, tax compliance assistance, and general ledger integration, mobile access, direct deposit, paycards, 401(k), and wage garnishments.

Which platform suits you better?

It all depends on your needs. TSheets fits for managing and tracking time against projects and tasks, keeping everyone on the team on track, and making reports in real time. Its time tracking is well suited for employees in construction and service-based industries and remote workers.

TSheets is advantageous because it centralizes roll call, saves on gross payroll time, saves on payroll costs, increases billable time added, improves billing and invoicing, and speeds up payroll.

Paycor not only combines analytics with payroll, it also integrates fields across HCM, including recruitment, HR, talent and workforce management, employee information, benefits, and time and attendance. Thus, it is quick and easy to generate reports, understand employees better and optimize their value, and gain data-driven insights for decision making. 

Paycor suits all sizes of business in the HR and HCM industry — agency, recruitment services, or people support. And it also fits every HR department of any business and industry.

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HR Resources TSheets vs. Paycor