SmartRecruiters vs. Jobvite

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SmartRecruiters vs. Jobvite

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SmartRecruiters vs. Jobvite

SmartRecruiters and Jobvite are good options to check out if you’re looking for an applicant tracking software (ATS) that you can trust. Both ATS solutions have the capacities and features to handle the complex recruitment needs of large enterprises.

SmartRecruiters is a trusted name when it comes to recruitment. This comprehensive ATS is best known for its strong social recruitment capabilities. Jobvite is an award-winning ATS focused mainly on talent acquisition. It uses its innovative capabilities and automation to find the best candidates for the job.

We’ll compare the features of SmartRecruiters and Jobvite to give you an overview how each ATS software can benefit your hiring teams.

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SmartRecruiters vs. Jobvite: An overview

SmartRecruiters is a web-based end-to-end talent acquisition platform trusted by major names and businesses such as IBM, Marc Jacobs, and Skechers. The primary features of this ATS includes talent sourcing, candidate tracking, collaboration, interview scheduling, assessment, evaluation, offer management, and mobile access. SmartRecruiters has high end pricing and is best for mid-sized to large companies.

Jobvite is a well-reputed ATS, which aims to increase the speed, enhance the quality, and improve the cost-effectiveness of talent acquisition. Companies that use Jobvite include LinkedIn, Schneider Electric, and Hulu. This software has features for recruitment marketing, onboarding, career sites, text recruiting and automation, video screening, reporting, and mobile access. It has average pricing and is ideal for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises.

Comparing the features

SmartRecruiters and Jobvite have features for careers site, interview, and mobile access.

Careers site

With SmartRecruiters businesses can attract active and passive candidates through content-rich career sites. The system lets hiring teams build branded career pages without IT support. Users can promote and display opportunities easily with configurable job widgets. With this feature companies can captivate top candidates and drive higher volumes of qualified candidates with one-click apply. SmartRecruiters’ native career site tools are designed to foster deeper interactions with candidates from the start of their journey – helping make sure that the first connection resonates. Careers sites from SmartRecruiters are mobile-ready.

Jobvite provides businesses with career sites to inspire candidates to apply. This feature includes the advanced capabilities of the software’s career site framework together with professional services from Jobvite. The careers website will work seamlessly across desktops, mobile devices, internal job boards, and social platforms. Company culture, values, and perks from the organization can be showcased through the site. Content such as images and streams from the company’s social media site can be added to the careers site to help candidates envision themselves working at the business.


SmartRecruiters accelerate interview productivity and reduce bias in the hiring process with integrated assessments, structured feedback forms, and built-in scorecards. The interview scorecards ensure that all interviewers are aligned for how success is defined and create a quantitative basis for supporting successful hiring decisions. This ATS lets teams schedule in-person and virtual interviews with multiple participants. Team members can compare calendars to determine availability. Scheduled interviews can be synced automatically to the hiring teams’ calendars with SmartRecruiters.

Jobvite automates interview workflow to make the entire interview process easier. The system has interview kits to provide a simple way for interview teams to learn best practices and collaborate. Jobvite offers highly configurable evaluation forms to capture all the relevant information about the candidates. This ATS also has a Smart Scheduler feature, which is an advanced scheduling tool that automatically selects the best time for an interview based on the schedules of multiple interviewers.

Mobile access

SmartRecruiters has a mobile application for Android and iOS devices called the Hiring App. The Hiring App makes it possible for recruiters, hiring managers, or anyone on the hiring team to review and access candidate information anywhere. With the app, users can view and comment on hiring activity, comments, and other recruiting events. Pending job offer requests that need approval can be tracked, too. Hiring teams can review a candidate’s application, send messages, leave notes, fill out scorecards, and move the candidate through the hiring process. The Hiring App lets teams manage upcoming interviews, view profiles, and leave feedback.

Jobvite offers a Hiring Team app for iOS and Android devices. The app was built for everyone involved in the hiring process. This feature sends alerts and notifications for day-of-interview and offer approvals to make sure everyone plays their part on time. Mobile evaluation forms are accessible from the app as well as quick and easy candidate profile reviews. The in-app messaging capability allows colleagues to share candidate profiles to gather informal feedback. Team members can also participate in conversations via candidate feed.


SmartRecruiters has integrations with tools and platforms for background screening, video interview, pre-employment assessment, onboarding, and technical assessment:

  • Codility
  • Enboarder
  • Interview Mocha
  • Good Egg

Jobvite integrates with applications for team communication, web analytics, social media management, human capital management, and background checking:

  • GoodHire
  • Slack
  • HootSuite
  • Google Analytics
  • Workday HCM

SmartRecruiters or Jobvite?

Both SmartRecruiters or Jobvite have robust features to meet the demands of mid-sized to large companies. The better software for your business will largely depend on the specific attributes you’re looking to add to your hiring process.

SmartRecruiters is more user-friendly than Jobvite. Therefore, if you want a system that’s easier to learn, SmartRecruiters is for you. This ATS software offers more customization capabilities, too. Jobvite, on the other hand, offers better sharing and job posting capabilities because the system automatically links to social media platforms as well as professional networking sites. Jobvite can also provide a better candidate experience because of its hassle-free, one-click apply feature.

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