SmartRecruiters vs. Crelate Talent

Human Resources Resources SmartRecruiters vs. Crelate Talent

SmartRecruiters vs. Crelate Talent

We compare SmartRecruiters and Crelate Talent to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

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Applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions such as SmartRecruiters and Crelate Talent have two of the most important components a reputable ATS software should have: robust features and positive feedback from users.

SmartRecruiters is an end-to-end recruitment and talent acquisition software trusted by thousands of companies including McDonalds, Visa, and Gameloft. Crelate Talent is an award-winning all-in one talent acquisition solution used by countless organizations including recruiting agencies, corporate recruiters, executive search firms, and legal search firms.

We’ll delve into the main features of SmartRecruiters and Crelate Talent in this article to help you learn more about what these two ATS solutions can offer you.

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An overview of SmartRecruiters vs. Crelate Talent

SmartRecruiters was founded in 2010 by Jerome Ternynck. This ATS has complete capabilities to facilitate the entire hiring process, from marketing a new position to tracking applications and making the final offer. Features of SmartRecruiters include candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, candidate evaluation and assessment, collaboration, interview scheduling, offer management, and mobile access for hiring teams. SmartRecruiters has high end, quote-based pricing and is better suited for mid-sized to large companies.

Crelate Talent was established by Aaron Elder in 2012. It is a top-rated and full-featured applicant tracking, recruiting CRM, and talent relationship management solution. It has features for company website posting, job advertisement, customized application forms, resume management, duplicate candidate prevention, collaboration, task management, email templates, reporting, and mobile access. Having average pricing and valuable features, Crelate Talent suits every business size.

Comparing the features

SmartRecruiters and Crelate Talent have features for candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, and mobile access.

Candidate sourcing

SmartRecruiters has direct sourcing tools to expand candidate sourcing reach and find the best talent inside and outside an organization. The system has deep data augmentation tools that can be used for updating candidate information. Recruitment teams can incorporate pre-existing contracts with professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn. The ATS comes with a Sourcing Dashboard as well. Teams can build and send branded email, web, and social campaigns to active and passive candidates. SmartRecruiters lets businesses create custom and mobile-ready career and event pages.

With Crelate Talent, hiring teams can publish jobs to their own company’s web site using the software’s Candidate Portal. Teams can customize the colors, logo, layout, and styles. Jobs can also be published with included and automated syndication to free job boards. To give the job postings a boost, they can be posted at premium job boards at discounted rates with Crelate Talent. Candidates can apply directly to the job via tools, such as Indeed Apply, by sending an email of their resume to a job specific inbox or by filling out an application on the Candidate Portal. Teams can customize the questions candidates have to fill out.

Applicant tracking

With SmartRecruiters, hiring teams can keep an eye on where candidates sit in the hiring process. Hiring managers can configure tasks and reminders easily to keep recruiters and the entire team on track. Manage hiring processes more efficiently with mass actions and increase the discoverability of already-registered talent and passive applicants in the system. Users can search the entire talent database quickly using keywords and advanced filters. Preserve complex candidate search queries for easy repeatability and maintain better records with historical message tracking. This ATS software also syncs all candidate emails and messages with one convenient applicant tracking system.

Crelate’s visual dashboard and UI help teams track applicants easily. The dashboard can be customized and organized to display the status of each applicant. The system can be configured to automatically move applicants to different stages of the recruiting workflow when certain conditions are met. Crelate Talent’s applicant activity stream feature tracks all interactions with applicants, hiring managers, and anyone else in the ATS. The stream also lets users quickly view job, contact, and company activity. The system has an Advanced Boolean Search capability that allows users to search across all records and documents at once and save search criteria for future use. Teams can view open rates and clicks on their emails when they connect their email to the Crelate Talent’s system.

Mobile access

SmartRecruiters lets teams continue working outside the office with its mobile app called the Hiring App. The Hiring App is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can access the app through direct logins with user name and password or login via SSO. Teams can view and comment on hiring activity, comments, and other recruiting stories in the system. Use People List to view, search, and manage all candidates. Candidate pipeline for a particular job, job status, and job ads can be accessed, too. The app allows teams to manage upcoming interviews, view profiles, and leave feedback. Users can send messages, leave notes, fill out scorecards, and move the candidate through the hiring process using the Hiring App.

Crelate Talent provides busy recruiters with the tools to perform key recruiting and hiring tasks when they are on the go with its mobile app, named the Crelate Connector. The app is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store. The app enables teams to call, email, and text both clients and candidates. The app gives access to the entire recruiting database anytime and anywhere. Scheduling of activities with candidates such as follow-ups, interviews, and phone screens is possible with the Crelate Connector. Hiring teams can view and modify candidate applications, contacts, job opportunities, resumes, and notes associated with each account record.


SmartRecruiters readily integrates with applications and platforms for behavioral assessments, live video interviewing, candidate sourcing, onboarding, and text messaging:

  • eSkill
  • Spark Hire
  • Hiretual
  • Sapling
  • TextRecruit

Crelate Talent has native integrations with tools for website creation, web analytics, access management, video interviewing, and candidate sourcing:

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Okta
  • Willo
  • Hiretual

Making the right choice

The capabilities of SmartRecruiters and Crelate Talent can surely benefit any hiring team. In order to pick the better choice for your business, you can consider the specific features you want to have for your hiring team.

If you want better chances at promoting your brand while looking for candidates, SmartRecruiters might be the choice for you because it will let you build your custom career site to match your brand. However, if you want an easy to use visual interface where you can drag and drop candidate profiles to move them along the recruitment process, you will enjoy using Crelate Talent.

If you’re still unsure, use our Product Selection Tool and get a free list of dependable ATS solutions.

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Human Resources Resources SmartRecruiters vs. Crelate Talent