SAP SuccessFactors vs. SimpleHR

HR Resources SAP SuccessFactors vs. SimpleHR

SAP SuccessFactors vs. SimpleHR

We compare SAP SuccessFactors and SimpleHR Now to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Looking for a reliable HR software isn’t as easy as it sounds — do you go for a major software vendor like SAP SuccessFactors? Or can you trust a lesser known HR software product like SimpleHR?

Both SAP SuccessFactors and SimpleHR have valuable features to help HR departments do their work more efficiently. SAP SuccessFactors is a complete HR software with features for talent management, core HR and payroll, employee management, and HR analytics. While SimpleHR isn’t as popular, this software has essential features that can cater to the needs of small businesses.

We’ll compare the similar features of SAP SuccessFactors and SimpleHR in this article to help you decide which of these software solutions is the right HR software for you.

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An overview of SAP SuccessFactors vs. SimpleHR

SAP SuccessFactors is a full human capital management (HCM) suite with robust features to aid every facet of HR processes. It has features for organizational structure, reporting, employee self-service, document management, payroll, benefits, employee management, and mobile application. SAP SuccessFactors is more suitable for mid-sized to large-scale businesses. It has high-end pricing.

SimpleHR lives up to its name — it’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use. This HR software was designed for small businesses and has useful features for document management, benefits, training and awards, organizational charts, and self-service. Although it was made for small businesses, SimpleHR can be a good choice for mid-sized businesses, too. It has average pricing.

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Comparing the features

SAP SuccessFactors and SimpleHR have features for self-service, document management, and reporting:


SAP SuccessFactors lets employees and HR managers access important HR data. Employees can easily record their attendance and check their premiums, leave balances, and clock overtime hours on the system. The system automatically computes time and pay of each employee. Time off and local and national holidays are followed together with country-specific requirements. With SAP SuccessFactors, each employee gets a personalized profile page to manage and view benefits and request PTO.

SimpleHR has self-service capabilities, too. However, it’s only for managers and supervisors. Known as the Manager Self-Service feature, it lets supervisors and managers access employee information. Instead of calling the individual for a one-on-one meeting to ask vital employee information, managers can simply log in to the system. Essential information such as attendance and vacations, benefits, and performance reviews can be viewed in the Manager Self-Service feature.

Document management

Document management from SAP SuccessFactors allows you to process new employment documents using the ticketing dashboard. You can also take note of changes and updates to important documents and monitor access to files with the activity log. Employees can access, update, and generate documents through self-service.

With SimpleHR, you can store and view all employee documents in one place. View scanned images like resumes, applications, and accident reports stored by employees. SimpleHR has standard letters you can use such as offer of employment, welcome letters for new employees, and termination letters. It also has ready to use forms for exit interviews, interview evaluations, and employee surveys.


Reports can be created in SAP SuccessFactors using the system’s standard report templates, which can be customized to meet the needs of the business. SAP SuccessFactors has an Online Report Designer — a user-friendly, drag-and-drop reporting tool that allows users to design formatted and presentation-ready reports. Reports in SAP SuccessFactors can be shared online, exported to PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, or sent via email using a Report Distribution tool.

SimpleHR also lets you create different kinds of reports. This software has over 60 pre-built standard reports you can choose from that meets even the most sophisticated reporting requirements. Reports in SimpleHR can be customized by division, location, department, and position. All report information may be exported to Excel for further customization.


SAP SuccessFactors can be integrated with tools and applications for text messaging, behavioral assessments, employee mentoring, background screening, and video interviewing:

  • Clairiti
  • Wepow
  • TextRecruit
  • eSkill
  • MentorcliQ

SimpleHR integrates with select applications and tools for document creation, spreadsheets, and accounting and payroll:

  • Ovation
  • Quickbooks
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel

Choosing the ideal software

In choosing the better software, look at what your company needs. Just because SAP SuccessFactors is the more popular option, doesn’t mean it’s the better choice for your business.

If you’re running a smaller or start-up company, you’ll be pleased at what SimpleHR can do for you. It’s easy to learn and manage — it’s simple, yet complete. Its document management feature can help in every stage of employment — from onboarding to separation. SAP SuccessFactors is the right choice for you if you have a large company with numerous employees you need to keep an eye on. Its self-service feature is particularly helpful because it reduces time and effort spent on manually inputting employee information. If you also require interactive reports and in-depth analytics for your business, SAP SuccessFactors can answer your needs.

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HR Resources SAP SuccessFactors vs. SimpleHR