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Recruitee vs. ExactHire

We compare Recruitee and ExactHire to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

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Reliable applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Recruitee and ExactHire make finding qualified employees a breeze for any company in any industry.

Recruitee is an award-winning ATS that has earned the trust of over 3000 companies worldwide.The software’s easy-to-use interface is one of its strengths. ExactHire’s clients, on the other hand, come from a wide range of industries, including numerous financial organizations, nonprofits, and healthcare industry employers. ExactHire’s intuitive system is one of its most sought-after features.

We will explore and compare the primary features of Recruitee and ExactHire in this article to help you make an informed decision in choosing an ATS software for your business.

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An overview of Recruitee vs. ExactHire

Recruitee was developed in 2014 by Perry Oostdam and Pawel Smoczyk in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This software quickly gained popularity after it was officially launched. Recruitee’s features include multi-language careers site, onboarding, email scheduling, reporting, talent sourcing, email templates, video chat, job boards, and mobile access. It can handle the needs of any business size. Recruitee has mid-range priced plans.

ExactHire is an American-made software founded in 2007 by Harlan Schafir and Jeff Hallam. This ATS software has features for text recruiting, email messaging, interview scheduling, offer letters, collaborative hiring, documents sharing, and onboarding. Exacthire was specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It has average pricing.

Features comparison

Recruitee and ExactHire have features for talent sourcing, email messaging, and collaborative hiring.

Talent sourcing

Recruitee lets companies attract more talent by providing them with careers sites and jobs widgets. The software also uses a talent sourcing Chrome extension that lets you add potential candidates to your database. Recruitee has overdue candidate reminders that notify the HR team members if a candidate stays too long at a recruitment stage. This ATS lets users create social campaigns and share their jobs on all major social networks.

ExactHire uses various functions to attract talent, such as text recruitment, auto-fill forms, and posting and application to multiple job boards. Text recruiting aids in engaging talent early and often. Create and save message templates and use personalization tags to easily insert applicant-specific data into your messages to candidates. ExactHire’s autofill application increases speed-to-hire by leveraging existing applicant data to streamline the application process. Posting to multiple job boards can broaden your recruiting reach. Letting applicants apply to multiple jobs at once can improve candidate experience for jobs that require similar skills or that are open at multiple locations.

Email messaging

The email messaging feature of Recruitee comes with default email templates to help users save time and effort. However, users can also create their own email templates from scratch. The Recruitee inbox can be synced with other popular email providers such as Gmail and Outlook. New candidate profiles can be created from the email itself. Users can automatically forward CVs from their Outlook and Gmail to Recruitee’s mailbox. Emails can be scheduled to be sent later.

ExactHire lets hiring teams communicate with candidates via email from within the ExactHire platform. Users can create and save message templates to support their most common conversations. HR leaders can begin to optimize candidate communications through personalized tags from the saved message template. ExactHire also has a Conversation Feed for every candidate wherein email and text messages are organized in one chronological feed that makes it easy to review the complete communication history.

Collaborative hiring

Recruitee promotes collaborative hiring through real time updates and notifications from team members. The software also supports task management, notes, and change of status notifications. These features enable deeper team collaboration by allowing recruiters to assign specific tasks to teammates and notify them when changes are made to a candidate profile. Additionally, your team is able to make notes and comments on candidates to enable two-way communication and decision making. Specific team members can be tagged in comments to get their attention.

Like Recruitee, ExactHire has task management tools and system notifications that help teams collaborate throughout all phases of the hiring process. When there is a change in the application status of a candidate, assigned individuals are notified automatically via email. ExactHire lets HR managers assign applicants to specific users, too.


Recruitee has integrations with applications for team communication, file sharing, web analytics, mobile applicant tracking, and email management:

  • Gmail
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Microsoft 365
  • Indeed

ExactHire can integrate with tools and platforms for social media, background screening, location tracking, employee onboarding, and assessments:

  • OnboardCentric
  • HireSelect
  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • E-Verify

The better suited ATS software for your business

Recruitee and ExactHire have slightly different approaches when it comes to handling typical ATS software features. At the end of the day, it’s best to choose the option with the specific features that you want to make your HR processes run more smoothly.

Recruitee has features that can meet the extensive and complicated needs of large companies. For instance, when large companies conduct mass hiring, Recruitee’s overdue candidate reminders feature can help make sure that every candidate moves along the recruitment stages on time. This doesn’t mean that Recruitee is better than ExactHire, though; keep in mind that ExactHire was designed for small to mid-sized businesses. In fact, ExactHire can give your company a wider reach for applicants because of its text recruitment feature. This software can reach more audience, as text messaging is an additional channel where your job posting can be promoted.

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HR Resources Recruitee vs. ExactHire