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HR Resources Pinpoint vs. ExactHire

Which HR software is better?

We compare Pinpoint and ExactHire to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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Applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions such as Pinpoint and ExactHire can help you find the most credentialed individuals to help your company succeed.

Pinpoint is an ATS trusted by recruitment agencies and businesses from different sectors including the financial and services industries. ExactHire is a user-friendly and game-changing ATS software built for employers who find it difficult to engage enough qualified candidates.

In this article, we will compare the main features of Pinpoint and ExactHire to help you decide if one of these ATS solutions is right for your organization.

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An overview of Pinpoint vs. ExactHire

An award-winning end-to-end talent acquisition software, Pinpoint has helped many mid-sized and large enterprises find the best people for the job since it was launched in 2017. This software’s features include job advertisements, online application forms, recruitment agency portals, interview scheduling, candidate scorecards, offer management, reporting, and onboarding. Pinpoint’s plans have higher prices than other ATS solutions.

ExactHire is a cloud-based ATS that was founded in 2007 by veterans in the HR industry. This software automates and improves the hiring process for small and mid-sized organizations. ExactHire has features for job advertisement, applicant screening, applicant management, reporting and analytics, communication, and employee onboarding. ExactHire has average pricing.

Features comparison

Pinpoint and ExactHire have features for job advertisement, communication, and reporting and analytics.

Job advertisement

Pinpoint uses different approaches to advertise jobs. The software lets hiring teams post to free and paid job boards — it also lets current employees refer candidates. Pinpoint also gives businesses an exclusive portal for recruitment agencies. Additionally, this ATS can help you build a branded career website to promote your jobs. Pinpoint uses an automated recruitment advertising feature for targeted recruitment campaigns that attract quality talent.

ExactHire expands the reach and raises awareness of job openings from your company by automatically pushing job postings to multiple free and paid job boards. Teams can improve job rankings in search engine results pages by automatically creating multiple targeted job page URLs to go with various keyword searches. Users can share job openings via social media to leverage the network of potential applicants of both the organization and current employees. Job seekers can also opt to receive automatic job alerts about your organization’s positions when new opportunities become available on your career site.


For effective candidate communication, Pinpoint has a centralized inbox for hiring teams. Any team member can log in and see a history of every candidate. There is no need to cc internal team on every email. The software has unlimited customizable email templates for uniform and quick candidate communication. Bulk emails can be sent with Pinpoint, too. This ATS has a timeline of messages where all emails and candidate replies are stored. When a candidate deletes their data, the system automatically deletes their email history as well, ensuring that your business stays compliant with the latest data protection legislation.

With ExactHire, recruitment teams can create and save as many email templates as necessary to make communication with candidates easier. Personalization strings can be embedded in the templates to customize the email message to each applicant. Automatic email reminders can be sent to job applicants who started an application for a certain position, but did not complete the application. ExactHire lets you send email messages to a single applicant or automate correspondences to a group of applicants at a time.

Reporting and analytics

Pinpoint helps recruitment teams analyze important hiring information through reporting and intelligent recruitment analytics. This ATS software has automated reporting that makes management reporting easier. Users can give any team member access to up-to-date recruitment analytics with the click of a button. Pinpoint has simple and powerful recruitment reports that provide accurate answers to the most important recruiting questions. Standard automated reports in Pinpoint can help teams find the team members who are most engaged, monitor the progress of candidates, identify open vacancies that need some extra support, and identify barriers to equality and diversity in the recruitment process.

ExactHire provides a number of standard applicant and job reports that are available to run on demand. Teams can also opt to build and customize reports with the specific data needed. Reports are accessible anytime and can be exported to a spreadsheet file or payroll software. Source reports can be created to dig into details about the source of traffic to careers portal and more informed decisions about job advertising in the future.


Pinpoint can be integrated with many platforms and tools for job boards, security, talent sourcing, interviewing, and messaging:

  • Google SSO
  • Cronofy
  • Slack
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor

ExactHire has seamless integrations with HR-related applications for assessments, onboarding, GPS mapping, employment eligibility, and appointment booking:

  • Bookafy
  • Google Maps
  • E-Verify
  • HireCentric
  • HireSelect

The ATS software that fits your business

Pinpoint and ExactHire have useful features that can surely make the hiring process much easier for the hiring team as well as the talent. But aside from the fact that Pinpoint was designed for larger companies and ExactHire for smaller organizations, you can also look back at certain features each software offers to decide which one fits your business better.

Pinpoint’s centralized inbox is the better choice for you if you want to keep all communications between team members and candidates in one place. On the other hand, if your business requires creating custom reports, you might want to go for ExactHire instead.

If you wish to learn more about other ATS software options, use our Product Selection Tool. You can get a free list of up to five reputable ATS solutions you can consider.

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HR Resources Pinpoint vs. ExactHire