Pinpoint vs. Crelate Talent

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Pinpoint vs. Crelate Talent

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions such as Pinpoint and Crelate Talent help organizations source, track, and hire individuals with great potential.

Pinpoint is an ATS software known for ease of use and ability to simplify the recruitment process for hiring teams. Crelate Talent is a recruitment software that combines the functionality of ATS and customer relationship management (CRM) in one. It is trusted by numerous recruitment agencies worldwide.

We will compare the primary features of Pinpoint and Crelate Talent to help you make a decision on the better suited software for your company.

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Pinpoint vs. Crelate Talent: What you need to know

Pinpoint is a simple and intelligent talent acquisition software initially designed for in-house recruitment teams. Its intuitive and straightforward interface is one of its best features. Aside from that, Pinpoint also has features for assessments, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, job posting, onboarding, resume search, self service portal, and workflow management. Pinpoint is ideal for mid-sized to large organizations. It has high end pricing.

Crelate Talent is an all-in-one talent acquisition software that aims to reduce the time spent by recruitment teams in hiring talent by letting users focus on the human aspect of recruiting. Its features include job requisition management, job posting, resume management, candidate search, task creation and delegation, email templates, user permissions, reporting, and mobile access. Crelate Talent is suitable for all business sizes. It offers average priced plans.

Comparing the features

Pinpoint and Crelate Talent have features for job advertising, applicant tracking, and email communication.

Job advertising

Pinpoint uses a variety of methods to advertise jobs. This ATM has automated recruitment advertising to attract quality candidates fast. With this feature, the system advertises to active and passive candidates where they spend their time online. Pinpoint also uses employee referrals and one-click posting to a broad range of free and paid job boards to promote jobs more effectively. It provides businesses with a custom careers website that turns visitors into candidates. For recruitment agencies, Pinpoint offers recruitment agency portals.

Same as with Pinpoint, Crelate Talent lets teams post jobs to free and paid job boards. Crelate’s job publishing feature aggregates to a high number of different job boards and even social networking sites, such as Facebook. Crelate Talent provides a web portal that can be customized to match the company and can be integrated with the company’s website. This customization includes adding a logo, changing the color scheme, and adding text to the portal. Applicants can apply directly to a job published on this web portal.

Applicant tracking

Pinpoint helps teams track applicants better with candidate profiles. Candidate profiles contain whole history including applications, summary, résumé, hiring team feedback, and communication history. The software also has talent pools so hiring teams can remember the best talents they have in the database, but haven’t hired yet. Teams can quickly identify candidates they already know could be a great fit with the talent pools. Pinpoint lets teams find important details in the ATS system with powerful keyword search or pre-defined filters.

Crelate Talent uses a candidate pipeline screen to easily track the progress of candidates. Users can record interactions, manage task lists, and send e-mails right from their pipeline screen. With this feature, hiring teams can drag and drop candidates through the hiring process. Users can review resumes quickly without leaving the talent pipeline. Latest status on applicants can be viewed instantly using the activity stream. The applicant activity stream tracks all interactions with applicants, hiring managers, and any other team member.

Email communication

With Pinpoint, users can email candidates individually or in bulk right within the ATS. With its selection of custom email templates, the software helps teams save time and ensure their message is consistent. Users can create personalized, automated emails to keep the candidates engaged. All emails to candidates, and their replies, are all stored within Pinpoint in an easy-to-read timeline. Pinpoint provides a centralized inbox to keep all email communications in one place.

Crelate Talent’s emailing feature allows users to send bulk emails, create templates, and automate follow-ups. Hiring teams can create organization-wide email templates. They can also create and save personal email templates that can be shared with other users. Crelate Talent has an email campaign feature that enables users to generate their own email they wish to send or choose from an existing template. The system then tracks the sent emails to determine which contacts are actively engaging with the campaigns and messages.


Pinpoint has integrations with tools for HR management, messaging, interviewing, security, and talent sourcing:

  • PeopleHR

  • Slack

  • Cronofy
  • JumpCloud
  • Google Ads

Crelate Talent readily integrates with platforms for video interviewing, telephony, talent sourcing, access management, and website creation:

  • Willio
  • Hiretual
  • RingCentral
  • WordPress
  • Okta

The right choice

Even though both Pinpoint and Crelate Talent offer valuable features and capabilities, one ATS software will be better suited for your business. It’s important to consider the aspects of your hiring process that you want to improve in choosing the right software.

Pinpoint is the better choice if you’re looking for an ATS software that’s easy to learn and use. This software’s centralized inbox is also useful if you want to ensure transparency when it comes to communications with candidates. On the other hand, Crelate Talent is the software for you if you want an ATS with a dedicated hiring app to allow your recruitment team to work remotely. Crelate Talent has a mobile application that lets users access the ATS anytime and anywhere.

If you want to explore more options, use our Product Selection Tool. You’ll get a free list of up to five reliable ATS solutions.

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HR Resources Pinpoint vs. Crelate Talent