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HR Resources Pinpoint vs. Breezy HR

Which HR software is better?

We compare Pinpoint and Breezy HR to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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A reliable applicant tracking system (ATS) software should have the fundamental features for applicant tracking such as job advertisement, talent sourcing, and interviewing. Both Pinpoint and Breezy HR offer all of these features and more.

Pinpoint is an award-winning ATS solution designed for in-house recruiters and HR teams. Breezy HR is top-rated software widely used by businesses anywhere in the world.

We’ll compare the key features of Pinpoint and Breezy HR to help you make an informed decision in choosing the ATS that perfectly fits your business.

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Pinpoint vs. Breezy HR: An overview

Pinpoint is an all-in-one talent acquisition software with capabilities that aid in attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates. This software has features such as automated recruitment marketing, careers website, online application Forms, recruitment agency portal, talent pools, interview scheduling, reporting, collaboration, and onboarding. This software is fitting for medium to large organizations and has high-end priced plans.

Breezy HR is a visual ATS that aids companies in modernizing their hiring process through the software’s intuitive system. Breezy HR’s features include reporting and analytics, candidate management, emailing, texting, interview scheduling, job advertising, candidate sourcing, career sites, team collaboration, and mobile access. This software has affordable pricing plans offered to SMBs and enterprises.

Comparing the features

Pinpoint and Breezy HR have features for career sites, job advertisement, and reporting.

Career sites

Pinpoint will help you create a careers website that is meticulously styled to tell your company’s story and engage the best candidates. Pinpoint works with the existing brand guidelines and house styles of the business. You get to decide on how involved you want the Pinpoint team to be. The careers site updates in real time and will automatically reflect every time you add, edit, or remove a job in the system.

Breezy HR provides customizable career pages to businesses wherein you can add hero images and brand colors to add personality and put a face to the name. The site has different sections such as employee testimonials and team sections, video and photo galleries, and more to help share a sense of work life. Breezy HR career sites have a one-click apply capability and are fully mobile optimized. The sites also allow embeddable widgets or API for full customization.

Job advertisement

To advertise jobs effectively, Pinpoint uses its automated recruitment advertising feature. This feature creates targeted recruitment campaigns that attract quality candidates. In order to create highly targeted recruitment campaigns, the hiring manager needs to create a simple job description. Then Pinpoint interprets the job description and builds a profile of the ideal candidate. The campaigns are promoted across social media and other digital channels so you get opportunities in front of passive and active candidates. Pinpoint has integrations with paid and free job boards where you can post with a single click.

Breezy HR saves your time and effort from posting jobs manually. With this ATS, you create the perfect job description once, and then you can broadcast it to all the best free job boards, locally and internationally. Fine-tune your audience with premium job boards, tailored to fit your open role. Breezy HR also offers free job board posting to regional sites that promote your open role where local candidates will see it. Hiring teams can save up to 40% when they post to curated, premium job boards that outstanding applicants frequently visit.


Pinpoint aims to help hiring teams make better recruitment decisions with the right data through reports and dashboards. This ATS has an automated reporting feature so teams can get up-to-date recruitment analytics with the click of a button. With Pinpoint, the following dashboards can be easily created and run: candidate and interview, team insights, job insights, and equality monitoring dashboard.

Through the reporting and analytics feature of Breezy HR, hiring teams can get actionable insight into every facet of their recruiting process so they can improve. With this software, users can create relevant reports such as pipeline metrics, hiring funnels, time to fill, and source reports. In addition, users can automatically track their compliance for the EEOC and OFCCP with Breezy HR reports. For advanced reports, this ATS provides teams direct access to Amazon Redshift.


Pinpoint can be integrated with several platforms for video interviewing, professional networking, security, HR management, and communication:

  • Slack
  • myInterview
  • LinkedIn
  • PeopleHR
  • Google SSO

Integrations for Breezy HR include tools for web analytics, inbox management, time management, password management, and onboarding:

  • Zenefits
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Google Analytics
  • 1Password

The software for your needs

The valuable features of both Pinpoint and Breezy HR can contribute a lot to the hiring process of any business. However, depending on the type of your business, one ATS might be more compatible for you than the other.

Pinpoint’s extensive capabilities, such as multilingual career sites, are more appropriate for mid-sized or large scale companies with offices abroad. If you want to find the finest local candidates, Breezy HR’s free job board posting to regional areas can give you better chances of finding top local talents.

There are many other ATS options you can consider. Use our Product Selection Tool for a list of credible ATS solutions.

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HR Resources Pinpoint vs. Breezy HR