Peoplesoft vs. Vista HRMS

HR Resources Peoplesoft vs. Vista HRMS

Which HR software is better?

We compare PeopleSoft and Vista HRMS to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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Getting the right HR software for managing human capital, simplifying processes, and saving on costs helps businesses stay competitive. The key is having the right tool to acquire, develop, and retain talents. Oracle’s PeopleSoft and Vista HRMS by PDS are two brands worth looking at for an HR and human capital management (HCM) solutions platform. 

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PeopleSoft vs. Vista HRMS

PeopleSoft is a cloud-based HR and human capital management platform offering comprehensive solutions with features, functionality, and capabilities to transform and elevate your company’s HR department. It seamlessly integrates cloud computing and advanced HR/HCM technology to help businesses optimize people’s productivity and performance while saving on time and costs.   

Vista HRMS is another HR/HCM system that offers a complete solutions package from recruiting to reporting. It provides all the tools needed to keep your HR department running: tracking and streamlining internal processes, recruiting, human resources, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, self-service, workflow, analytics, and reporting.

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HR/HCM and data analytics

PeopleSoft integrates data analytics, HR platform, and cloud technology, combining business process automation and cost efficiency. It makes data analytics simple and accessible from your applications anytime and on any device. So you can also use its preformatted and customizable interactive visualizations such as heat map, donut, and tag cloud for your reports.   

Vista HRMS provides analytics tools to measure important metrics and assess performance. It collects and analyzes data so you can spot trends, generate reports, and gain actionable insights for your action plans and business strategies. It also offers time tracking and attendance — available on-premise and in the cloud — integrated with payroll and data analytics. So it’s easy to create reports, analyze data, and calculate costs.  

Using the power of the cloud  

What sets PeopleSoft ahead of the competition is that it takes advantage of advanced cloud computing, allowing you to work within the cloud. Working in the cloud is made simple with its cloud manager, helping you migrate and administer applications. It also assists you in deploying custom templates to create new user environments. Upgrading and transitioning your HR/HCM system to Oracle’s cloud-based platform saves you time and reduces costs as it integrates a full set of cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. 

Vista HRMS has all the HR/HCM tools you need in a single platform: recruiting, human resources, benefits administration, self-service (personal data, enrollments, forms, etc.), workflow automation, position control, budgeting, time and attendance, integrated query, payroll, and analytics and reporting. It’s timekeeping and attendance feature offers a cloud-based option. You can install Vista HRMS on-premise or in the PDS-hosted cloud. 

Impressive dashboard with UI/UX  

PeopleSoft provides an interactive dashboard that delivers a modern, intuitive, and responsive UI/UX viewable on any device. You can access the dashboard on your desktop, laptop, or mobile. It features customizable applications, templates, pages, workflows, and data structures. You can even customize the business process automation and dashboards to enhance productivity and growth. 

Vista HRMS is equipped with an interactive dashboard with responsive and easy to use UI/UX where you can use the tools with ease and perform the tasks.  

Which would you choose — PeopleSoft or Vista HRMS? 

PeopleSoft is a comprehensive management platform that integrates HR, finance, supply chain, customer relationship, and enterprise performance solutions in one software. It caters to a range of applicability. Whether a small, mid-sized, or large business, Peoplesoft can be used across all industries from human capital management to manufacturing, from financial services to health sciences, from education to government and nonprofits. It is best for businesses and organizations that accommodate creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and other exceptional talents.  

Developed by PDS, Vista HRMS is designed primarily for businesses employing people in the United States or Canada. It is good for small, mid-sized, and large businesses with over 1,000 employees. Its payroll and benefits capabilities are designed to be compliant with the US and/or Canadian labor and tax laws. And just like PeopleSoft, Vista HRMS also has a range of applications including healthcare, services, finance, manufacturing transportation, education, utilities, and other industries.  

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HR Resources Peoplesoft vs. Vista HRMS