Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Ascentis

HR Resources Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Ascentis

Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Ascentis

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What drives an organization is a well-managed and highly motivated workforce. Managing human resources requires both people skills and the right tools to simplify complicated processes and time-consuming tasks. Human capital management (HCM) software platforms such as Oracle Cloud HCM and Ascentis offer solutions that boost the performance of a company’s HR department.

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Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Ascentis: An overview

Oracle Cloud HCM is designed as a cloud-native software application that offers fully-integrated and data-driven HCM solutions, including global HR, talent, workforce, payroll, and benefits management.

Ascentis is a web-based, all-in-one human resources information system (HRIS) suite for managing HR and its core modules such as time and attendance, payroll, talent, and recruitment. Its user-friendly platform is well-suited for small and mid-sized businesses.

HR and benefits management

Oracle Cloud HCM provides advanced tools for managing a local and global workforce, combining data analytics in its platform to provide users insights for better decisions. It simplifies HR workflows and the processes of recruitment and onboarding, benefits administration, and employee engagement. Its benefits administration feature, which is integrated with payroll, time and attendance, and compliance, is flexible and modifiable to fit your business requirements. 

With Ascentis, you can send and share relevant content to specific groups or departments, track and collect employee data, make reports, and manage benefits in one platform. It centralizes information, automates data collection, and keeps employee records. The platform features open enrollment and guided end-to-end benefits management, HR compliance, customizable software solution, streamlined business transactions, real-time access to information, employee self-service, and reporting.

Recruitment and talent management

Oracle Cloud HCM enhances your recruiting strategy with its tools for attracting the best candidates for a job position, thus improving hiring efficiency. But the work of HR does not stop at recruitment — it moves forward to managing talent and taking care of every detail from hiring to retirement. The platform offers solutions to your recruiting, compensation, performance management, learning and development, social collaboration, and succession planning needs.

The recruiting tool of Ascentis is customizable to suit your requirements and preferences. It lets you identify, attract, track, engage, and hire not only high-quality talent but also the right candidates for the job. You can quickly build a job application portal, parse resumes, link referrals, and integrate with social media, providing tools to make your recruiting workflow and onboarding more efficient. Ascentis delivers customizable tools for managing and empowering employees to reach their full potential. And it features essential metrics for performance management, compensation, succession planning, learning and development, review and assessment, manager check-ins, and real-time feedback.

Time/attendance and workforce management

Workforce management is a stressful job, especially if it’s global, where policies and rules for labor, payroll, and benefits vary. Oracle Cloud HCM offers to simplify tasks and processes, align the workforce with business goals, and ensure compliance with complex company requirements and regulations. It integrates time and attendance, payroll, benefits, and employee data in one accessible place. It offers solutions for time and attendance management, workforce planning, time off requests, and the employee’s health and well being.

Ascentis automates workforce and time tracking management. Its Timekeeper streamlines the processes of tracking time, attendance, and time-off requests, unifying information with payroll, compliance, and other parts of the business. It features leave management, attendance tracking with biometric time clocks and simplified log audits, mobile access and geofencing, labor and leave compliance, streamlined and automated scheduling, and pay calculations for each employee.

Payroll management

Oracle Cloud HCM’s advanced payroll solutions can be applied to both local and global workforce, providing an intuitive interface that simplifies payroll processes. It ensures compliance and offers predefined integrations to improve efficiency.

Ascentis offers real-time payroll processing, ensuring the accuracy of information. The feature is easy to use, flexible, secure, and compliant with existing policies. It introduces a 5-step system that reduces payroll processing time and integrates with tax filings. It also has flexible employee paycheck options, empowering employees to make informed decisions.

Which HCM works better for you?

The answer depends on the size of your business and other requirements. Oracle Cloud HCM is a global HR and workforce solution, while Ascentis is designed for small to mid-sized enterprises.

As a leading platform in the industry, Oracle Cloud HCM has an edge as it also fits with mid-sized local businesses, and you can always take advantage of its cutting-edge cloud technology. But Ascentis is not far behind in its advanced HRIS platform that places the human part at the center of its solutions.

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HR Resources Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Ascentis