Lever vs. Peoplesoft

HR Resources Lever vs. Peoplesoft

Lever vs. Peoplesoft

We compare two HR software to help you find the right fit for your business: Lever and Peoplesoft.

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Lever and Peoplesoft are popular human resources software vendors in terms of features, pricing, and overall customer satisfaction. While both software products have functionalities to answer the needs of the human resources department, there are certain differences about the scope of Lever and Peoplesoft.

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Lever is mostly focused on the recruiting area of human resources, being classified more as an applicant tracking system rather than an all-inclusive HR software solution.

Peoplesoft, on the other hand, has an array of cloud-based applications designed for specific tasks. Peoplesoft Human Capital Management is their particular application for human resources.

We’ll evaluate the functions and features of Lever and Peoplesoft Human Capital Management in this article. We’ll compare the benefits each software can bring to human resources.

A brief overview of Lever and Peoplesoft

Lever is an HR software vendor providing applicant tracking systems to simplify the recruitment process of businesses. Deemed as easy-to-use by numerous users, Lever can handle the recruitment needs of small to big businesses.

Peoplesoft was founded in 1987 and initially provided human resources management systems, customer relationship management, and various software solutions. Oracle acquired Peoplesoft in 2005, along with its line of software products.

Peoplesoft HCM is comprised of various products to meet the needs of the entire human resources department. This HR software has products for Workforce Management, Global Payroll, Recruiting Solutions, and more.

Comparison of features

In order to fairly compare the features of Lever to that of Peoplesoft, we will check the different software products under the Peoplesoft HCM that have similar capabilities as Lever.

Custom career site 

Lever lets companies create and customize their own career site. Through this site, the company can post job vacancies, and external candidates can search for jobs. The jobs posted on the career site are shareable to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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The applicant front-end for Recruiting Solutions of Peoplesoft HCM is called Candidate Gateway. Through Candidate Gateway, companies can set up multiple career sites. Applicants can also search for jobs and submit their applications. The job postings in Candidate Gateway may be shared by applicants via email.

Interview scheduling 

Lever lets the company show available schedules to applicants where applicants can choose their preferred time for an interview. One-on-one interviews as well as panel interviews may be set through the interview scheduling feature of Lever.

Through Peoplesoft’s Talent Acquisition Manager, the company can schedule interviews at any point during the application process. The user can also view all the interviews they are presently working on, and all the interviews where they are assigned to be the interviewer.

Other features 

Lever has features that Peoplesoft doesn’t have, and vice versa.

For example, Lever has a powerful candidate sourcing capabilities that can let companies find not only ordinary candidates, but the cream of the crop.

Lever also lets companies analyze the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies through built-in reporting features. Additionally, both existing employees and external candidates can apply through Lever’s custom career site.

Peoplesoft’s exclusive software features include online job offers. Through Peoplesoft’s Recruiting Solutions, job offers can be posted to the candidate’s job portal. The candidate can also then review, accept, or decline the job offer in the portal.


Lever can be integrated with many different software tools and applications for maximum advantage. Google, Glassdoor, ADP, BambooHR, Workday, and Docusign are some of these applications that can be connected with Lever.

PeopleSoft easily integrates with other Peoplesoft applications like Workforce Analytics and Financials. Integration with third-party application and software is possible through PeopleSoft Integration Broker.

Choosing Between Lever and Peoplesoft

Lever and Peoplesoft are HR software products that offer beneficial features at reasonable costs. On top of that, both of these HR software options have a high customer satisfaction rating.

Lever might be the better choice if you’re running a business that calls for a specific skill set for each employee. Lever’s talent sourcing can help you find the best candidate as you have the ability to post to a wide range of sources.

But if your business involves hiring remote staff, the online job offer feature of Peoplesoft can prove to be invaluable. If you want a built-in report that’s readily accessible whenever you want to see your recruiting performance, Lever analytics is right within your Lever software.

However, if you don’t like using a separate HR software for your recruitment process, employee performance management, and payroll, then Peoplesoft is the more rational choice because it has all these functions in one.

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HR Resources Lever vs. Peoplesoft