Lever vs. Paycom ATS

HR Resources Lever vs. Paycom ATS

Lever vs. Paycom ATS

Compare Lever and Paycom ATS to find the best fit for your business

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If you’re looking for a tool that could help minimize the work done on hiring or recruiting new employees, an applicant tracking software might be what you’re looking for. ATS decongests the workload for hiring managers while mimicking the human process of selecting candidates. 

Lever vs. Paycom ATS are two of the most notable applicant tracking software options on the market today. But they’re not the only ones available. Use our Product Selection Tool to quickly get a list of recommended ATS vendors that meet your company’s feature requirements.

Overview of Lever vs. Paycom

Lever is an applicant tracking system that makes recruiting new employees faster and more efficient. It makes sure that every employee is appropriately processed every step of the way without any oversights or mishaps. 

Paycom ATS, on the other hand, focuses on tracking the recruitment, onboarding, and training process of every candidate. It keeps track of the full employee life cycle within the company from the time they start working up to their retirement. This program will help you keep track of all the accomplishments and contributions of your employees.

Supported platforms 

When it comes to accessibility, both Lever and Paycom ATS has its area of expertise. Lever supports web-based platforms as well as iPhone and Android apps. It allows for a flexible and mobile-friendly approach when it comes to tracking applicants in the recruitment process.

Paycom ATS focuses its attention on web-based platforms. Most of today’s applicant tracking systems use a browser-based approach, similar to the one found in Paycom. Having a robust web-based platform is a great way to optimize your employee search, especially if you’re looking for a candidate that has a specific set of qualifications. 

Typical customers 

The first thing you need to check before implementing an ATS is the size of your business. With a particular focus on this factor, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of the program/

Lever’s applicant tracking system targets small to enterprise-level businesses. Its user friendly interface and intricate design make it desirable for both small and big businesses.

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Paycom ATS also caters to small to enterprise-level corporations. Its capabilities track the employment process and hiring for your business. It also monitors and manages the performance of your employees. 

Similar features in Lever vs. Paycom ATS

Applicant tracking systems track and manage the employment process of your business. While this is the primary function of Lever and Paycom ATS, there are some other features they provide. Here are some similar elements in Lever vs. Paycom ATS you might find useful.

Contact database 

The contact database feature in Lever focuses on building an organized and compact list of all applicants. It stores all of the useful information of an applicant such as their email address, phone number, and resume. You can track all of your applicant’s information and retrieve it anytime you like.

On the other hand, Paycom ATS focuses on the customization of the information gathered by its software. It allows you to add specific notes and comments about a prospective employee. You can also rate their performance during the interview process or the testing process; this makes the selection process easier.

Job application management 

Lever’s job application management feature focuses on creating a seamless experience when gathering applicants’ data. This feature allows you to connect and collect relevant data from the applicant’s LinkedIn profiles. Thanks to this functionality, it makes data gathering accessible and faster.

Paycom ATS creates a single track for all job applications. This feature organizes the employment process of applicants from the time they applied up to being hired. Through this feature, the applicants will know what stage of the hiring process they’re in.

Takeaways: Lever vs. Paycom ATS

If you’re looking for an ATS that lets you keep track of the application of your prospective employees, we suggest that you implement Lever at your company. With Lever’s features, you can track the recruitment process with ease. You can also process a high volume of candidates with less effort.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an ATS that optimizes your HR management, we suggest you try Paycom ATS. Its features allow you to customize and centralize the management of your entire employee information. It also helps you track the recruitment process while managing your workforce altogether.

Get help finding the right applicant tracking system for your company with our Product Selection Tool. Enter your requirements, and we’ll send you a shortlist of vendors we recommend. 

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HR Resources Lever vs. Paycom ATS