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Lever vs. Monster

Compare Lever and Monster to find the best fit for your business.

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Talent management software solutions like Lever and Monster Applicant Tracking System share the same objective of finding the best candidates to fill a role in an organization.

However, even though Lever and Monster ATS were both built for the same purpose, each of these software solutions has a unique approach to help companies recruit the finest talent for their business.

In this article, we’ll check how Lever and Monster ATS use different techniques to achieve the same result of securing the most qualified individuals for companies.

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Overview of Lever vs. Monster ATS

Established in 2012, Lever is a well-reputed talent management software vendor that specializes in finding the right candidate for jobs that have strict specifications. Lever finds candidates through sourcing, building talent relationships, and other recruiting techniques.

Monster ATS is also a renowned talent management solution that searches for the most fitting candidates for a company. Just like Lever, Monster ATS has its own set of functions to track and find talented candidates for your company. Career site hosting, candidate screening, and creating a brand for your business are some of the functions Monster ATS use to attract and acquire candidates.

Comparing the primary functions and key features of Lever vs. Monster ATS

Applicant tracking

Lever utilizes a variety of tools to make sure users get the best matched candidates for the job. The Chrome extension, for instance, is an effective tool that Lever uses to collect the important data about a candidate across the web.

Career site creation is another valuable feature of Lever. Companies can build their own branded career site where they can post all job advertisements. A branded career site gives candidates a consistent user experience between the company website and the job description.

Monster ATS handles applicant sourcing in a different way. Instead of letting companies build their career site where they can post jobs themselves, Monster ATS takes care of the job posting for them.

The company provides Monster ATS with the details of the job posting, and Monster ATS carries out the job posting task. Monster shares the posting across its networks, different job boards, and mobile apps. This software also creates the unique branding for the company to reel in more candidates.

Once applicants submit their resume to Monster ATS, these files are organized, kept, ranked, and then forwarded to the company.

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Additional sourcing functions 

Lever uses proactive sourcing to help users keep track of potential candidates even before a specific role in the company becomes available for this candidate.

Monster ATS makes use of their extensive database to send companies the list of candidates with resumes on their site. These are candidates who meet your qualifications but didn’t apply to your job posting.

Interview scheduling 

Lever lets candidates self-schedule interviews through Easy Book to save time. This means that recruiters don’t have to spend effort communicating with the candidates via email or phone calls just to set an interview.

As soon as Monster ATS sends the list of pre-screened candidates to the company, the company may reach out to these candidates directly to schedule an interview.

Mobile accessibility

Lever lets the users access the software from a mobile device, therefore companies can check interview schedules, track applicants, and enjoy other functionalities of the software from anywhere.

Monster ATS has a mobile-friendly platform, too. This means that companies can evaluate and even hire candidates beyond the office premises.

Additional benefits 

Lever and Monster ATS offer special features that make their software more beneficial to the HR department of any company.

Aside from the self-scheduling of interviews for the candidates, Lever also has interview templates where hiring managers can input specific questions they want the interviewers to ask candidates. This helps maintain fairness among all candidates applying for the same job.

Lever lets recruitment managers evaluate candidates and approve job offers without leaving their email. Users can manage their to-do lists and tasks for the day more efficiently through the dashboard.

Monster ATS has several useful features as well, like the ability to send text and email messages to candidates directly from the platform.

The career site hosting feature from Monster ATS saves companies from the trouble of maintaining their own job site.

The candidate pre-screening in Monster ATS can bring benefits to your entire recruitment team, too. Carefully reading one resume after another can be time-consuming. Having pre-screened, organized, and ranked applications is helpful for any business.

Monster ATS has one of the broadest collections of resumes on their site. Numerous clients praised the database of Monster ATS as it helped them in finding the perfect candidates for their businesses. This means that businesses can source candidates from the Monster database to reach out to.

Integrations for Lever vs. Monster ATS

There are a lot of applications and software that integrate with Lever. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, Google, G Suite, and Namely are some of them.

Monster ATS integrates  with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This software also connects to different job boards.

The ideal talent management solution for your business

Both Lever and Monster ATS have a lot of things to offer to improve your HR processes related to recruitment. The decision will ultimately be impacted by the way you want your HR recruitment to operate.

For example, if you want to have a career site for your business that you can tailor to your liking, Lever’s the choice for you. But if you don’t have an expert team dedicated to customizing and optimizing your career site, Monster ATS can take the burden of managing a website off of your shoulders — all you have to do is wait for them to notify you of incoming job applications.

If you would prefer to actively search for candidates rather than wait for them to come and apply to your company, then Lever’s the better option.

Lever might also be the better choice if you are managing a small to medium-scale business and are looking for the more affordable talent management software, as Monster ATS can get expensive. 

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HR Resources Lever vs. Monster ATS