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Lever vs. Greenhouse

Compare Lever and Greenhouse to find the best fit for your business.

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Employee hiring or recruitment is a tedious yet very important part of every organization. It enables them to have the right people and skills to do the job, so the company can operate as it should and bring in revenue. Human resource managers need to have the right skills not just to screen applicants but to also access them from different talent pools. This is where recruiting software solutions come in. This technology has the know-how and support to hire great talents. It can attract the best talents and improve the hiring process; thus, leading to team efficiency and stronger business impact.

Two of the most popular software products of this kind are Lever and Greenhouse ATS. We can help you find the right recruiting software quickly by comparing these two, so you can choose the one that suits your organization best.

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Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS: An overview

Lever designs recruiting software products and is based in San Francisco, California. The primary product of this software company is Lever Hire, a software solution that assists HR professionals with their job, specifically in finding and tracking talents, setting up interviews, and evaluating candidates. Lever is cloud-based, which makes it easier for users to manage the hiring process from a single platform. It also has employee referral functionality that allows them to put their referrals in the pipeline straight from their browser.

Greenhouse ATS is a recruiting software solution that enables businesses to conduct interviews and optimize their hiring process to hire suitable candidates. HR managers can streamline their recruiting activities in one integrated platform that allows them to source job applications, plan the hiring process, manage the interview rounds, and create post-hire activities. Greenhouse helps HR teams find the right candidates from numerous sources, including job boards, external agencies, and in-house referrals.

Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS: A comparison of features

Lever and Greenhouse ATS boast their own offerings, which include the core features of recruiting software solutions and some additional targeted and specialized functionality.

Lever has numerous features:

  • Candidate sourcing: this allows users to save the information of their candidates, including their name, phone number, email address, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Through the Google Chrome browser, users can use a chrome extension to save candidate information as they are found on LinkedIn. Each contact card allows users to comment and mention their teammates for real-time feedback on candidates.
  • Interview scheduling: This feature automates interview scheduling without the need to go back and forth with email responses between the user and candidate. Users can send their availability, and candidates can see their options and choose the time that suits them.
  • Custom careers page: Lever allows users to create their own custom careers page where they have internal and external job boards. Users can choose where and when they want to post their new job openings.

Greenhouse ATS also has numerous features that recruitment teams can use:

  • Basics: The basics feature contains all sub-features that provide users with business metrics to track their progress, functionality to connect with applications to complete workflows, and uptime to allow users to complete their tasks in a timely manner.
  • Sourcing: This feature allows users to share their job postings to job boards and social media. It also enables them to integrate with career sites to search for qualified candidates and receive reports where applicants look for job openings.
  • Platform content: This feature comes with the forms library where users can find a pre-built library of templates of forms associated with the hiring process. It also has electronic forms for employees, and e-signature capabilities that allow users to sign forms electronically.
  • Content: Greenhouse ATS automates many, if not all, operation-related tasks. It also provides sharing options for users and external and internal stakeholders to communicate.

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Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS: A comparison of prices

In this Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS article, we also look at their pricing plans. These two recruiting software solutions are subscription-based. Let’s take a look at their pricing plans to help you decide which one is more suitable for your organization.

Lever has a three-tier plan, with each plan offering its own level of features and support. The core features include social referrals, interview scheduling, custom careers page, and a Google Chrome sourcing extension. Unfortunately, the tiers are quote only, so you can contact the vendor for more pricing information.

Greenhouse ATS also has a three-tier pricing plan. Each plan is quote-based and comes with the core features. As the tier goes up, additional features are also added. Unfortunately, there is no free trial offer for this software.

Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS: A comparison of integrations

Many software products are more efficient and productive when they integrate with other apps. Lever and Greenhouse ATS also integrate with other apps as listed below.

Lever can be used seamlessly with API, Adobe Sign, CloserIQ, Glassdoor, Slack, Office 365, DocuSign, ADP, Workday, Okta, LinkedIn, Tableau, Checkr, BambooHR, G Suite, Namely, Zenefits, and OneLogin.

Greenhouse ATS also seamlessly integrates with Checkr, Gem, Glassdoor, GoodHire, HackerRank, HIRED, HireRight, Interview Schedule, Namely, LinkedIn, HRIS, BambooHR, Bob, Collage, and more.

Go for automation with a reliable recruiting software product

We hope this Lever vs. Greenhouse ATS article helped you choose your business’s recruiting software. If you need more information, feel free to use ourProduct Selection Tool for a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements. It only takes five minutes and it’s free.

Both software products are beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a centralized and streamlined way of hiring talents. Their features are similar in many ways and we believe their pricing plans are a good factor to help you decide on the suitable software for your organization.

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