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Lever vs. Bullhorn

Compare Lever and Bullhorn to find the best fit for your business.

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Recruiting and hiring new employees can be a difficult task, especially for a business that requires a dedicated and ambitious employee base. Your company’s performance depends on the employees that you hire. 

In this article, we will review Lever vs. Bullhorn ATS to help guide your decision in choosing an applicant tracking system. For more applicant tracking systems, use our Product Selection Tool to get a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements.

Lever vs. Bullhorn: An overview

Lever ATS enables corporations to take a more personal approach in hiring new employees. This program allows you to recruit prospective employees with minimal manual effort.

Bullhorn ATS, on the other hand, is designed for staffing and recruiting new employees with the use of customer insight technology. It offers different solutions for the recruitment process that enables you to hire quality employees.

Typical customers 

The typical customers of Lever include small to enterprise-level businesses. Small businesses will benefit from this program because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. As for enterprise-level corporations, the applicant tracking system allows you to find new talent faster and more efficiently.

Much like Lever, Bullhorn ATS also caters to small to enterprise-level businesses. With their advanced tools and features, it allows companies to engage new candidates that are highly qualified. Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform improves its user’s recruitment processes by integrating other apps and services such as LinkedIn.


Lever and Bullhorn ATS each have different pricing bundles for you to choose from, so there’s options for every price range. The goal here is to find a package that will benefit your company in the long run.

Lever and Bullhorn ATS both offer a free trial. You will need to contact their sales team for a quote. 

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Similar features in Lever vs. Bullhorn ATS

While it’s true that both Lever and Bullhorn ATS have their differences, there are also some features they have in common. These features will help you build strong relationships with your employees through the recruitment process.

Applicant tracking 

Applicant tracking in Lever focuses more on gathering and consolidating applicant profiles. With the use of its LinkedIn plugin, users can gather information on prospective employees through LinkedIn profiles. This feature minimizes the manual experience of recruiting new employees and converts it to a faster and more accurate experience.

On the other hand, Bullhorn ATS focuses on bringing prospective employees to a common platform with a standard process. Having a common platform will allow you to track applicants faster because the information you need is in one place. It also allows you to track the training and interview process of new applicants by reminding you of their onboarding schedule.

Job application management 

The job application management feature in Lever focuses on visibility and transparency in the application process. The program enables the applicants to see where the candidate is in every phase in the process. With this feature, the applicants will know what position they’ll be assigned ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Bullhorn ATS focuses on giving you a seamless experience when moving job applications. It’s made possible because Bullhorn integrates with numerous software options like Indeed, Zapier, and Office 365. Using the information gathered from these sources allows for a seamless experience for the recruiter and the applicant. 

Which applicant tracking system works best for your company?

Choosing between Lever vs. Bullhorn ATS can be a hard decision to make because each ATS has its unique contribution. If you’re still unsure of what applicant tracking system that you’re going to get for your company, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for an applicant tracking system that focuses on visibility and transparency, we suggest you take a closer look at Lever. The job application management feature of Lever will attract more applicants because of its transparency and reliability. More applicants are now looking for businesses that are transparent in their training and selection process, which is why Lever is the ideal tool for the job.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an applicant tracking system that focuses on giving you a seamless experience in hiring and looking for new employees, we suggest you consider Bullhorn ATS. With its integration to LinkedIn and LinkedIn Jobs, you’ll find a new and competent employee in no time.

Knowing what features your company needs is the first step in choosing the right ATS software for your business. Make sure to buy the software that works best for your company to optimize the benefits.

For more applicant tracking system options, make sure to check out our website. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a shortlist of recommendations based on your feature requirements. 

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HR Resources Lever vs. Bullhorn ATS