Kronos vs. Zenefits

HR Resources Kronos vs. Zenefits

Kronos vs. Zenefits

When looking for the right HR software, you need the one with the right features for you.

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Managing a business can be exhausting; this is especially true when it comes to human resources management. There’s a lot of employee information and data that you need to check and arrange each year. Because of this growing concern, more and more companies are now turning to human resources software.

While most companies are now familiar with HR software, there are still those who don’t know the fantastic benefits of this software. HR software can help you in a lot of ways, from storing and managing employee data to tracking payments and benefits.

In this article, we will be comparing two well-known HR software brands. Kronos and Zenefits have gained a lot of attention in recent years because of their unique features and integrations. More and more companies use these HR software, and we’re here to find out why.

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To give you an idea of what these features are, here are some features Kronos and Zenefits include:

Features               Kronos              Zenefits
Accounting integration                    no                  yes
Administrative reporting                    no                  yes
Applicant tracking                   yes                   no
Compliance management                   yes                  yes
Customizable reporting                  yes                  yes
Enrollment management                  yes                  yes
Overtime tracking                   no                  yes
Payroll integration                  yes                  yes
Performance management                  yes                  yes
Policy management                  yes                  yes

Similar features for Kronos vs. Zenefits

There are many different types of HR software, and each has a unique feature. Kronos and Zenefits may be different HR software, but there are some features that they both share. They’re both great for tracking and managing employee performance and productivity management.

Performance management 

Both Kronos and Zenefits have great performance management software that lets human resources officers measure employee performance and productivity. It ensures that employees who are assigned to a specific task complete it in the allotted time.

The performance management feature of Kronos focuses more on evaluation. Evaluating your employee’s performance is an essential part of human resources management. By assessing your employee’s performance, you’ll have a clear understanding of where their strengths and weaknesses lie. From the information provided by this tool, you can conduct training programs where they can improve the skills that they lack.

Meanwhile, the Zenefits performance management feature concerns itself with improving the quality of communication between the management and the employee. Improving communication between the HR officers and the employees will help companies better understand the problems from the perspective of their employees. It will help both parties create a better solution to solve the problem.

Policy management 

The policy management software of Kronos and Zenefits allows its users to organize and edit policy documents. This software will enable your HR officers and employees to view the different policies of your company and implement it to the whole workforce. By integrating this software into your business, newly implemented systems perform more effectively compared to traditional methods.

For Kronos, their policy management feature adds more security towards creating and editing new policies. Their added security only allows authorized personnel to develop new strategies and distribute them to the workforce. On the other hand, the Zenefits policy management feature will enable managers to track policy violations within the company and register their information.

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Available features

Aside from the listed features above, here are the other features that are exclusive to Kronos and Zenefits respectively.

Kronos supported features

  • Predictive analytics
  • Process control
  • Promotions management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Requisition management

Zenefits supported features

  • Real-time reporting
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Overtime tracking
  • Employee management
  • Document management

What HR software should you choose? Kronos or Zenefits HR software

Now that you have an idea of what features each HR software possesses, it’s time to make that critical decision. But if you’re still not sure what HR software to get, here are some points that you need to consider.

Kronos is a great HR software that focuses on integrating all of its features to help you manage your human resources problems. If you’re looking for an all-around HR software, then you might want to consider Kronos.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an HR software that has excellent onboarding tools that can help you through different human resources related concerns, then you might want to try Zenefits HR software. Its software boasts a simple yet intuitive interface that’s easy to use and master.

If you want more HR software options, use our HR Software Buyers Guide.

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Zenefits