Kronos vs. Ultipro

HR Resources Kronos vs. Ultipro

Kronos vs. Ultipro

'This article compares two big names in HR software Kronos and Ultipro.'

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Human resources software, such as Kronos and UltiPro, works to effectively monitor every employee of a business. This monitoring typically involves tracking of job applicants, keeping tabs on employee performance, managing payroll, and other functions related to the human resources department.

Kronos and Ultipro are two of the biggest names in providing HR management software – or HRMS for short. In this article, we’ll check the features, similarities, and differences of these two.

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Kronos vs Ultipro: An overview 

In 1977, Kronos Incorporated was founded by MIT alumnus Mark Ain. From then on, the company has started to make their name known in different countries as a provider of various HR-related software solutions.

Ultipro was created by Ultimate Software and was introduced to the market in 1993. In 2019, Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners purchased Ultimate Software.

Kronos Incorporated and Ultimate Software offer a line of various software products for human resource management and more. In this article, we’ll compare the features and functionalities of Kronos Workforce Ready and Ultipro.

Feature Comparison of Kronos vs. Ultipro

Applicant tracking 

One of the features every human resource software should have is applicant tracking. This feature allows you to find the most credentialed candidates to be part of your company. Both Kronos and Ultipro have excellent applicant tracking features.

Kronos Workforce Ready’s applicant tracking feature does more than just letting users keep track of applicants. Kronos lets companies create their own career site where prospective candidates can submit their job applications.

This site is quite convenient for applicants to use since the details from their LinkedIn account can be auto-populated onto the career site. This site is accessible even on mobile devices.

Specific questions can be added if there is particular information the company requires from applicants.

Kronos lets the company view all the applicants on one screen. Job applications can be filtered by location, skills, experience, and so on — so you can easily find the most ideal candidates.

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This HR software has ready-to-use email templates for faster communication with applicants. What sets the applicant tracking feature of Kronos apart is its data migration functionality. This function provides seamless transfer of the details of an applicant to the employee records once the candidate gets hired.

There are certain similarities between the applicant tracking features of Ultipro and Kronos.

For example, Ultipro also lets companies build their own site to look for potential employees. The information on the LinkedIn account of candidates can be populated into the career site, too. Additionally, screening questions may be added for candidates.

However, aside from these similarities, Ultipro also provides suggestions to candidates as to which job positions may be suitable with their skills. The opportunities posted on the career site may be shared with social networking platforms like Twitter. Ultipro is also accessible on any device.

Recruiters can benefit from Ultipro as well. The software has a Candidate Match Predictor that lets them see all applicants for a particular job posting. Apart from displaying the details of the applicants, the Candidate Match Predictor indicates how compatible each applicant is to the opportunity.


Once you have found the perfect candidate for the job, the next step is the onboarding process. Onboarding is a crucial part of hiring an applicant since it involves gathering important documents to make the applicant an official part of the company.

However, the onboarding process can become overwhelming for both the recruitment team and the incoming employee. Kronos and Ultipro have capabilities that make onboarding easier for both recruiters and applicants.

Kronos simplifies the onboarding process by creating self-service checklists for new employees. The checklist contains all the requirements a new employee should complete. A timeline is also shown to the employee letting them know the deadline of completion for each requirement. Reminders are sent to the incoming employees of these deadlines.

Kronos makes the onboarding process easier for employers, too. The HR team can view the progress each applicant has made in the onboarding process.

Ultipro onboarding features include self-service dashboards for each candidate where they can see their onboarding requirements. The dashboard also displays the deadline of completion for every requirement. The new employee gets to communicate with other employees even before their start date through this dashboard, too.

The talent acquisition team can also view the progress of each new hire on the onboarding process with Ultipro.

Payroll Management 

Payroll is a critical part of any organization as one wrong move can result in serious legal problems. Kronos and Ultipro offer powerful payroll capabilities that let businesses deliver accurate payments on time.

The payroll management feature of Kronos and Ultipro helps organizations correctly compute the pay for each employee.

On top of that, Kronos also has mobile self-service access for all employees, should they want to check their payroll information.

On the other hand, Ultipro payroll management feature has a Smart Tax Search tool. This tool automatically suggests the correct federal and state tax according to an employee’s location or residence.


Integrations are essential in leveraging what a human resource software can do for you.

There are many useful apps and software that are ready for integration into Kronos Workforce Ready. These apps include NetSuite and LinkedIn.

Yammer, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the apps that can be integrated into Ultipro.

The better software is…

Kronos and Ultipro software has strengths that can truly improve and simplify how a business manages all of the responsibilities of the human resources department.

Both companies deliver excellent results, so much so that they received awards. Kronos Workforce Ready software received several awards in the past years, such as The Best Talent Management Solution during the 2018 Stevie Awards. Ultipro has the Silver Award for Best Advance in HR Predictive Analytics Technology from Brandon Hall Group.

As both HR software solutions from Kronos and Ultipro cover the important aspects of Human Resources, selecting an HR software isn’t going to be easy.

Ultimately, only you will have the final say on the HR software for your organization. You might want to review the strengths of each option and make a decision depending on the feature most important to your business.

Kronos, for instance, offers a seamless data auto-population function. If time is quite important to you in every step of the hiring process, this feature would be really useful. The seamless population of contact details from the applicant records into the employee database is a time-saver.

If your objective, however, is to increase the number of applicants for job postings, then Ultipro is the better choice. The software allows job opportunities to be shared via Twitter, which would definitely help in expanding the reach of your job postings.

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Ultipro