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Kronos vs. Taleo

Can't decide which HR software is right for your business? We're here to help with a comparison of features between Kronos and Taleo.

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Human Resources is considered the backbone of every organization because the employees do all the processes, assisted by software, machines, and other tools. The workforce brings in revenue to the company, and it should, therefore, be looked after and also monitored for quality output and production. Thanks to human resource and workforce management software solutions, this part of business is made easier.

HR software automates business processes such as attendance, leave application, and payroll management. Many options already use cloud storage, so the data is easily accessible and secure at the same time. At the moment, there are two workforce management software options that are popular among companies: Kronos and Taleo.

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Kronos vs. Taleo: An overview

Business owners can’t use the first software offered without looking at and comparing the options. Choosing the most suitable one requires scrutiny, which is why we’re comparing Kronos and Taleo. We’ll take a look at three aspects that are inherent in a workforce management software solution.

Kronos is one of the first software technology providers that started in 1977. Kronos Workforce Central is its leading product and consists of workforce and human resource management applications that automate payroll management, scheduling, and time and attendance, among others. More specifically, Kronos is built with a payroll processing solution that allows its users to process the payroll runs quickly and efficiently in order to deliver checks on time, including commissions and bonuses. The software is also scalable and cloud-based, making it accessible on mobile devices.

Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service, or Taleo, is a product of Oracle and is a Human Resource Management suite (HRMS) that is designed for medium to large businesses. Its key features focus on employee onboarding, candidate management, applicant tracking, goals management, and succession planning. The software is beneficial for dealing with large volumes of employees and new hires. It has a talent database that helps you match the right current employees or candidates to current vacant positions. It uses employee referrals to get the right candidates and also gives HR personnel access to recruiting pipeline data.

Kronos vs. Taleo: A comparison of features

Each of these software solutions has its own set of features that target specific tasks.

Among all the features of Kronos, we’ve listed the top five.

  • Taxes: Kronos helps businesses compute and file taxes with ease through this feature. It uses a power of attorney to allow its payroll vendor to pay taxes electronically to the government.
  • Automation: This is one of the most important features because it saves time concerning data entry. Also, it makes computing paid and unpaid time off faster and more accurate.
  • Workforce management platform: This feature covers all aspects of human resources, including labor forecasting, shift scheduling, and absence and leave management. Kronos also helps businesses plan the succession and promotion of its workers and match the skills of workers to available positions.
  • Employee Self Service: Kronos Workforce Central reduces the time that employees spend communicating with HR about their pay stubs and other personal records like the W-2 form. With this feature, they can access the portal to ask and get answers about benefits and other matters.
  • Core HR: Core HR covers the processes that are intrinsic in HR such as salary structures, expense reporting and reimbursement tracking, compliance, attendance tracking, and others.

Taleo is also sometimes called the Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and offers the following features:

  • Recruiting: Taleo has built-in tools for recruitment that assist in interviewing, screening, and creating job offers. Recruiters can use the data metrics of the system to hire the best candidates for the positions.
  • Performance management: This feature lets users have a clear picture of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses and gives them accurate feedback from a number of sources, including formal and informal reviews.
  • Employee Life cycle Management: This feature is important for employee career development and succession plan management. It allows the HR department to build talent profiles of current employees for future career planning.
  • Learning and Development: This feature is important for mentorship programs, certifications, and skills development by allowing management to develop training curriculum for their employees.

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Pricing is one of the top things business owners look into when scrutinizing a software solution.

Unfortunately, Kronos does not publicly provide information about their pricing plans. However, you can always request a quote from the vendor.

The case is the same for Taleo; no pricing information is publicly provided. You can contact the vendor to request a quote for your business. Take note that it has three versions to choose from, each having its own suite of features: Taleo Enterprise Edition Recruiting, Taleo Business Edition Recruiting, and Taleo Business Edition Talent Management.

Business size

Knowing what a workforce software solution is designed for in terms of business size is important. You don’t want to use a software product that is too small or big for your company’s size, as it may be more expensive or affect its processes.

Kronos is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Kronos believes companies just starting out deserve the same assistance and ease that bigger companies receive.

Taleo is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. In this aspect, both Kronos and Taleo service the same sizes of businesses.

Comparing the two

Kronos and Taleo differ in their specific target areas. Kronos is dedicated to the processes that cover time, scheduling, and payroll processing, while Taleo’s focus is more on talent acquisition, designing opportunities, and career development. Each is useful in their own way, and it’s up to you to decide which of the two you think your company needs more.

Want more HR software options? Use our HR Software Buyers Guide.

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Taleo