Kronos vs. Simple HR

HR Resources Kronos vs. Simple HR

Kronos vs. Simple HR

We compare Kronos and Simple HR to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Kronos and Simple HR are just two of the hundreds of HR software options available online. In this article, we’ll compare Kronos and Simple HR software. We will compare their features, pricing, and available supported platforms.

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Kronos vs. Simple HR: An overview

Kronos is a workforce management software that offers a wide variety of employee management solutions for your company. It’s designed to automate all HR management processes and attract and retain new employees. With its user friendly program and intuitive user interface, you can manage your employee’s activities and track their progress.

Simple HR is a human resource management software that manages and optimizes your employee’s life cycle within the company. With its numerous features like conflict resolution, employment issue counseling, and electronic onboarding systems, you can track the progress and problems of your employees. Simple HR can improve the overall HR experience for your employees. 

Target customers 

Kronos’ target customers are medium-sized companies to enterprise-level businesses. This workforce management software has a lot of features that require some training. But, its user friendly interface and support features can make learning the product easier for self-directed employees.

Simple HR targets small to medium-sized companies. With its comprehensive and low-cost packages, small businesses can greatly benefit from this HR software. Simple HR can meet the human resources needs of your business as well as protect it with its risk management specialists.

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The price of the software is an important factor in choosing which HR software works best for your business. That being said, don’t buy expensive HR tools because it has numerous features. Not all features will be beneficial for your business, so choose wisely.

When it comes to pricing, Kronos and Simple HR both offer a quote-based plan wherein the vendor does not publicly disclose its pricing information. Their quote-based plan depends on the size of your business and type of features you’re looking for. 

Similar features in Kronos vs. Simple HR

Kronos and Simple HR have a lot of features that might be beneficial for your business. Some of these features focus on helping you manage your employees as well as improve specific areas of workforce management. 

Payroll management 

The Kronos payroll management tool has specialized products called Workforce Ready Suite and Workforce Dimensions Suite. These specialized tools enable you to integrate, automate, and streamline your entire payroll process. Kronos HR has a payroll engine that analyzes your payroll process while maintaining accuracy and providing in-depth reporting for your business. 

Simple HR focuses on providing your company with a dedicated single point of contact for payroll processing. This feature lets you manage all payroll-related tasks in one interface for easy access. Simple HR allows your employees to work closely with your payroll coordinator with all of their payroll-related problems.

HR process automation 

This feature in Kronos shifts your HR coordinator’s work from manual to paperless processes and automates many tasks. With this feature, you can save a lot of time and resources you may have previously spent working on spreadsheets and physical documents. HR process automation also reduces the chance your HR coordinator will lose important documents, which may lower your risk of audit.

Simple’s HR processes automation feature minimizes your risks and identifies potential hazards in your workplace. With this feature, you can automate all HR-related tasks, which reduces your liability and increases employee productivity. By automating the work process, fewer mistakes can be made and problems can easily be identified.

Which human resource software should you choose?

If you’re looking for an HR software that allows you to prepare accurate employee salaries and automates your entire payroll process, we suggest you try Kronos HR. With the help of its specialized products called Workforce Ready Suite and Workforce Dimensions Suite, you can streamline your entire payroll process while providing accurate reports.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that minimizes your risks and identifies potential hazards in your workplace, we suggest you try Simple HR. With Simple’s HR processes automation, you can quickly identify problems within your company and resolve them accordingly.

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Simple HR