Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors

HR Resources Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors

Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors

This article compares two big names in HR software: Kronos and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Human resource and workforce management is integral in every organization because it supports the backbone of all processes. Employees bring in revenue to the company by providing services and products. This department makes sure they are compensated, receive benefits, and get mandated time off. At the same time, it protects the company by ensuring employees use their work time wisely and are productive during these hours. Because of the importance of workforce management, many businesses have adopted software solutions that focus on this area. Such workforce management software products automate the processes involved, while cutting time and costs and eliminating human errors.

Let’s take a look at two successful software solutions for workforce management: Kronos and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors: An overview

Through the years, many business owners have chosen Kronos and SAP SuccessFactors as their human resource and workforce management software. You should take a look at the specific features and other important information about these two products to see if they suit your business.

Paypro UKG (Formerly Kronos) started in 1977 as one of the first software technology providers specializing in workforce management software solutions. Its leading product, Workforce Central, boasts a suite of human resource and workforce management applications that automate many processes, including time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll management. It’s also cloud-based, allowing easier access by users and making it a mobile application. With Workforce Central, businesses are able to deliver payroll runs quickly, and employees remain satisfied.

SAP SuccessFactors is one of the leading vendors of cloud-based talent management software and human capital management software solutions. The talent tools of the product are broken down into modules that include capabilities like compensation management, performance management, learning and development, and recruiting. The suite comes with time and attendance software features, onboarding, people analytics, and workforce planning.

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Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors: A comparison of features

At a glance, it may seem like Kronos and SAP SuccessFactors have the same target. However, it’s important to take a deeper look into their features to see what they can specifically do for your business.

Let’s tackle the top features of Kronos: 

  • Core HR: From the name itself, this feature covers all the basic processes of workforce management, including expense reporting and reimbursement tracking, salary processing, attendance tracking, and compliance.The processes are automated to increase productivity in less time.
  • Taxes: Kronos makes tax filing and payment easier as this feature helps you compute taxes with ease. Additionally, it gives the payroll vendor a power of attorney to make electronic tax payments.
  • Automation: With automation, everything that’s done manually can be done electronically. This helps save time and eliminate errors, thereby improving overall efficiency and accuracy.
  • Workforce management platform: Scheduling employees for their shift is important, so there is no overlapping and wasted time. With Kronos, absence and leave management and shift scheduling are made easier. It also has labor forecasting, which lets you anticipate times when labor is highly in demand or low.
  • Employee Self Service: Employees don’t always have to write to the HR department to ask about their pay slips and other forms. With this feature, they can access these documents using their personal information if they want to learn more about their employment.

SAP SuccessFactors also has a suite of features for workforce and talent management:

  • Employee benefits management: This feature simplifies and streamlines how you manage your employees’ benefits wherever they are. It uses one platform where master data and benefits are stored to increase data accuracy and overall efficiency. It also triggers a special benefits enrollment window based on a work or life event, among others.
  • Time and attendance: You can efficiently track time and attendance, manage the absences of employees, and make accurate automated computation of employees’ actual time, overtime, and overall pay.
  • Profiles and employee self-services: This feature allows you to keep track of all HR information on all employees and keep it according to the specific requirements of the country your business operates in. It’s the place where employees can see HR data to minimize confusion and vagueness of information.
  • Organization structures: This feature helps your company use embedded analytics to make recruitment, learning, succession, and workforce planning effective. It has capabilities for designing and maintaining organizational structures that represent the needs of your business.

Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors: A comparison of prices

Unfortunately, Kronos Workforce Central does not publicly provide information on their pricing plans. However, you can request the vendor for a quote and determine if their services are suitable for your business.

Sap SuccessFactors provides details on its pricing plans that include tiered pricing for annual subscriptions. The most basic subscription can be used by up to 100 employees, so the price drops as the user base increases. Also, it offers a free trial for those who want to test the software.

Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors: A comparison of business size

There are about 1,600 companies using Kronos Workforce Central, most of them being in the hospital and healthcare industry of the United States. It’s used by companies with less than 10,000 employees and 100 million dollars in revenue.

On the other hand, about 580 companies use SAP SuccessFactors and are mostly based in the US. These companies are in the computer software industry and have less than 10,000 employees and 100 million dollars in revenue.

Both software solutions service the same business sizes.

Make a wise choice

There are many human resource and workforce management software options in the market. But, Kronos Workforce Central and SAP SuccessFactors are among the leading software solutions that your business can benefit from. Choose the software wisely and reap the benefits of automation. When dealing with HR management software, always go for products that allow employees access to their employment records as it cuts time for both the employee and HR staff. 

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HR Resources Kronos vs. SAP SuccessFactors