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HR Resources Kronos vs. Peoplesoft

Which HR software is better?

We compare Kronos and Peoplesoft to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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Every organization should know the value of its workforce in order to have their employees stay, perform, and bring in revenue to the company. Business owners should make sure that employees are looked after, provided with the right tools to perform their jobs, and monitored to ensure quality output. 

With the advancement of the world of software technology, human resource and workforce management were created to automate many processes such payroll management, time and attendance, scheduling, and more. Many of these solutions are cloud-based, which means easier access and convenience.

Today, there are many popular apps that offer this kind of service. We’ll look at Kronos vs. Peoplesoft to see how these two compare and if they meet your business’s specific needs. If you want more software options, use our HR Software Buyers Guide. We’ll send you a list of five recommendations tailored to your needs for free. 

Kronos vs. Peoplesoft: An overview

Workforce management should be among the top priorities of every business’s organization. Deciding on which software solution to use should entail scrutiny of every available option on the market.

Kronos is a software company that started in 1977 and provides world-class workforce management software solutions.  Kronos Workforce Central is composed of human resource and workforce management applications that processes time and attendance, payroll, and scheduling, among other features. Its suite of tools is set on a secure cloud platform that is mobile and scalable. Aside from being an automated solution for scheduling and time and attendance tracking, it also provides insights to managers on worker availability and labor demands.

Peoplesoft is a product of Oracle, a company that has more than 35 years of experience in developing business software products. It is a collection of software applications that large organizations and corporations can use for human resource management. It comes with customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management systems (HRMS), enterprise performance management (EPM), and financials and supply chain management (FSCM). Peoplesoft, the Oracle HRMS software, can be used for payroll, time, labor, and benefits, among others. It provides users with centralized data they can update and view in one place.

Kronos vs. Peoplesoft: A comparison of features

Good workforce management applications come with core features that streamline human resource processes. 

The top 5 for Kronos:

  • Core HR: Core HR includes services that are inherent in every organization. These include time and attendance tracking, expense reporting, reimbursement tracking, salary structures, compliance, and benefits management.
  • Employee Self Service: This feature allows employees to access their pay stubs, salary information, and W-2 forms. It’s also an avenue for employees to ask questions or provide answers to questions about benefits.
  • Workforce management platform: This encompasses shift scheduling, labor forecasting, absence and leave management, succession or promotion planning, and skills management, among others.
  • Automation: Process automation saves time and eliminates errors in requesting and approving paid and unpaid time off.
  • Taxes: This feature makes tax calculation and tax filing easier. Also, it allows the payroll vendor to make electronic tax payments to the government by virtue of a power of attorney.

Peoplesoft has five major feature categories: 

  • Global Core Human Capital Management: This feature helps organizations have a single source of truth when it comes to the local regulations and labor customs of the place they operate in. It has an ‘embassy grade’ security that ensures the confidentiality of your data.
  • Workforce management: This feature ensures that no time is wasted and helps workers become more productive. It forecasts labor and workload demand, designates schedules to meet requirements, and captures time worked and absences.
  • Labor Rules and Monitoring Management: This feature captures unplanned absences and overtime hours and provides users with a real-time analysis of critical labor. It helps you manage your workforce, so that you can increase productivity without raising costs.
  • Workforce Service Delivery: This feature provides a self-service solution for both managers and employees, allowing your HR staff to get some tasks off their desks. Users can access this online, and the service is customized according to their experience, role, language, and other factors.
  • Talent management: This feature is for the talent or individual employee that covers their talent life cycle. Aside from planning, recruiting, and learning, it also covers performance, career development, and compensation to enable organizations to align the talent to meet its corporate goals.

Kronos vs. Peoplesoft: A comparison of prices

Unfortunately, Kronos doesn’t offer a free trial and it doesn’t provide any pricing information. Feel free to contact the vendor to get a quote for your business needs.

Peoplesoft also doesn’t provide any pricing information and users can contact the vendor for a quote. However, it does offer a free trial for those who want to test the software themselves.

Kronos vs. Peoplesoft: a comparison of business sizes

Not all workforce management software solutions are suitable for every business size.

Kronos was designed for small and medium-sized businesses because it believes that no business should be slowed down by day-to-day processes and inefficiencies. Its proven implementation lets you save time between purchasing and using the software.

26,000 companies are using Peoplesoft for their workforce management.  Most of these companies are computer software organizations that are located in the United States. Data shows that Peoplesoft is the software of choice by companies with 50-200 employees and 1 million to 10 million dollars in revenue.

Making the decision 

There is no doubt how useful these two workforce management solutions are. They may differ in some of the core features they offer, but they certainly target the different processes involved in an organization. The prices may remain a mystery, but you can always contact the vendors for a quote. Study the features and integrations of each vendor, and make a choice that best aligns with your company’s interests. 

Want more HR software options? Use our HR Software Buyers Guide. 

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Peoplesoft