Kronos vs. Namely

HR Resources Kronos vs. Namely

Kronos vs. Namely

We compare Kronos and Namely to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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Kronos is one of the oldest names in the human resource software industry, while Namely is one of the newer choices of HR software products today. If compared with one another, which software would you choose for your business?

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In this article, we’ll lay out some of the core features of Kronos Workforce Ready and Namely. We’ll quantify these features so you can choose the human resource software product that meets your company’s needs.

A brief introduction to Kronos and Namely

Kronos provides human resources software solutions to businesses of every size and local government offices.

This HR software has features to accommodate various HR needs — from applicant tracking to payroll distribution.

Just like Kronos, Namely specializes in providing HR software solutions to business. However, this HR software product is more suited for mid-size businesses, rather than large businesses and enterprises.

Namely has different features dedicated to several areas, including employee engagement, employee performance, time keeping, and payroll. While Namely doesn’t have an applicant tracking feature, it can be integrated with apps for applicant tracking.

Comparing features of Kronos vs. Namely

Payroll management 

The accurate and efficient management of payroll is vital to any business. Kronos and Namely have payroll management features to ensure that payrolls are processed on time.

Kronos’ payroll management feature lets the business run payroll as many times as necessary. Aside from that, the HR software lets you file payroll taxes with ease.

Through web access and mobile apps, employees also get the chance to view their salary history and payroll details.

Namely’s payroll feature helps you make sure that you abide by all federal, local, and state revenue laws. It also carries out automatic benefit deduction from your salary. Additionally, the hours worked by an employee can be directly imported into the payroll for an error-free computation of the salary.

Namely lets employees check the pay stubs, payroll information, and paycheck history.

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Time and attendance management 

With Kronos, the number of hours worked by an employee is seamlessly sent to payroll for accurate computing. This HR software solution lets the business impose different rules and regulations regarding attendance.

Kronos will notify managers right away if there are cases of absences, tardiness, or any violations of the rules and regulations set by the management.

The time keeping feature of Namely lets the business set and create the schedules of their employees. And, aside from recording the hours worked by employees based on physical time clocks, Namely also lets businesses set geo-fenced locations where employees clock in using a mobile device.

Managers can view the timekeeping information of the entire workforce on a single dashboard. The Admin Dashboard gives the business a general view of overtimes, schedule violations, as well as time-off requests by the employees.

Performance management 

Keeping track of employee performance is essential to maintaining the success of a company. The business can trust that a well-performing employee will stay with them if they show the employee recognition for their hard work.

Performance management features can also be useful for employees who aren’t performing well. If you’ve observed that a certain employee isn’t performing well early on, you can still turn things around. You can take actions such as enrolling the employee in additional training to help them gain an improved work performance.

The performance management feature of Kronos gives the business a better view of the performance, goals, and achievements of their employees. This feature also shows the certifications and training completed by employees to give HR leaders and managers an idea of who needs more training.

Through this feature, the business can monitor how the employees perform individually or as a group. Guidelines may also be set for incentives that the company would give depending on employee performance score.

There are several similarities between the performance management feature of Kronos and Namely. For instance, Namely’s feature also lets the management view the performance of the workforce as a whole as well as the performance of each individual employee.

The interface of Namely resembles popular social media platforms and is quite easy to use. On top of that, Namely lets the employee input self-reviews of their work performance. Employees can also record their own work goals with the target date of completion.

The user interface of Namely paired with employees actually getting the chance to share their self-reviews can lead to an increase in employee engagement. An increase in employee engagement can give you a better view of your employees’ needs.


Integrations let businesses tailor the HR software to their exact needs. Many useful apps can be integrated with Kronos and Namely.

Kronos already has numerous features that cover almost every need of the business in terms of human resources. Nonetheless, this HR software can be integrated with NetSuite, Dell Boomi, SurePayroll, Workday Human Capital, Sage One, and LinkedIn.

As for Namely, Adobe Document Cloud, JazzHR, NetSuite, Workato, G Suite, and Zapier are among the applications and software that could be integrated.

The choice is yours

In finding the ideal human resource software product for your company, you have to consider some important factors. Easy to use, multi-functional, and accurate should be among the attributes of a HR software you’re looking for.

Deciding on the better choice will be a lot easier if you know your company. Now that we have an impression of what Kronos and Namely can do for a business, we can contemplate on which best fits your company.

It’s true that the years in business of Kronos is unparalleled – especially when compared with Namely, which just started operations in 2012. But besides the years of service, there are also some aspects we should check before deciding on the HR software product for the business.

The size of your company might just be the deciding factor in choosing between Kronos and Namely.

As Namely was particularly built to meet the requirements of mid-sized businesses, it’s possible that it’s more than enough to meet your needs if you’ve just started a business.

Namely keeps the employees engaged through its easy-to-navigate UI, has similar payroll capabilities as Kronos, and can even be accessed on select remote locations using mobile devices.

If your business is expanding to a much larger scale, Kronos could be the best choice because it can help you view not just your business as a whole, but also your employees individually. Kronos lets you keep track of the attendance and work performance of more than 1000 employees.

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HR Resources Kronos vs. Namely