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Jobvite vs. ClearCompany

We compare Jobvite and ClearCompany to help you make the right decision for your business.

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One of the signs that an ATS software is topnotch is when it has a high level of customer satisfaction. Both Jobvite and ClearCompany have high customer satisfaction ratings.

Jobvite is an easy-to-use ATS that can be tailored to meet the particular requirements of every company. ClearCompany makes sourcing, attracting, screening, and evaluating easier and faster for hiring teams.

For this article, we will compare the features of Jobvite and ClearCompany to show you how these ATS solutions can help you find and track the best people to hire.

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An overview of Jobvite vs. ClearCompany

Jobvite is an award-winning and best-of-breed ATS that has helped thousands of companies find the right people to work for them. Universal Studios, Hulu, and LinkedIn are just some of Jobvite’s clients. The software has features for applicant tracking, automation, artificial intelligence, onboarding, video screening, and mobile access. While Jobvite can be used by businesses of any size, it is better suited for mid-sized to large scale businesses. It has average pricing.

ClearCompanyis a top-ranking ATS that gained the trust of various businesses and organizations from different industries, including healthcare, education, financial, and marketing. ClearCompany is the ATS choice of Chick-fil-A, Fujifilm, and MetaBank. Its features include branded career sites, referral management, hiring manager portal, video interviewing, job board management, candidate management, reporting, digital offer letters, and mobile access. ClearCompany was designed for small to mid-sized companies, it has average priced plans.

Features comparison

Jobvite and ClearCompany have features for interviews, onboarding, and mobile access.


Jobvite’s interview feature ensures a smooth and effective interview process. The software has interview kits that provide a simple way for interview teams to learn best practices and collaborate. Jobvite comes with highly configurable evaluation forms to capture all the relevant information about the candidates. The Smart Scheduler feature is an advanced interview scheduling tool that automatically selects the best time based on the schedules of multiple interviewers.

The interview feature of ClearCompany gives the hiring team the tools they need to ask meaningful questions that are automatically customized for every role. Customizable scorecards and templates for each role or department are available to easily collect consistent feedback on every candidate. The software’s interview scheduling capability lets you see everyone’s calendars at once and seamlessly coordinate interviews with other team members. Interview invitations, updates, and reminders can be sent directly through the system to interviewers and members of the hiring team.


In Jobvite, candidates have a personal onboarding portal that makes the entire process easy, efficient, and totally digital. All tasks are centralized to create accountability. Assign tasks, set deadlines, create alerts, and track the progress of any and all onboarding activities. Manage tasks for both new hires and internal teams. Jobvite promotes paperless transactions to save on resources. Employee onboarding forms, such as standard HR forms and employee verification forms, can be completed digitally, eliminating redundant data entry and paper filing.

ClearCompany also has branded onboarding portals for new hires that provide all the information required to be ready for day one and beyond. The portal makes it easy for new hires to complete onboarding tasks electronically. New hires can view their onboarding packet and complete essential paperwork from any device. Automated I-9, W-4, state tax, and other essential forms that can be completed and securely stored on the platform. The system has an auto-fill technology that carries information from form to form.

Mobile access

Jobvite has a Mobile Hiring Team app for iOS and Android that is dedicated to everyone involved in the hiring process. The app has day-of-interview alerts and lets users access offer approvals. Mobile evaluation forms and candidate profiles are also accessible. Members of the hiring team can communicate with in-app messaging and participate in conversations via candidate feed.

ClearCompany doesn’t come with a designated mobile application. However, the system works on any device. Both the recruitment team and candidates can access the site via mobile. New hires can access their onboarding packet and complete the onboarding process through a mobile device. Candidates can apply and upload résumés and cover letters. Sending job applications through text messaging is also possible with ClearCompany.


Jobvite can be integrated with platforms and tools for electronic signatures, file syncing, team communication, web analytics, and human capital management:

  • ADP
  • DocuSign
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Dropbox Business

ClearCompany has integrations with numerous applications for learning management, pre-employment screenings, payroll, assessments, and email services:

  • Gmail
  • Kronos
  • ScreeningOne
  • Absorb
  • ADP

Choosing between Jobvite and ClearCompany

It isn’t easy to choose between Jobvite and ClearCompany — especially because both options have powerful features and a lot of positive feedback from users. At the end of the day, it’s best to choose the option that has everything you need for your recruitment team.

Jobvite is the better choice for you if you want the ATS with a native mobile application to keep all members of your hiring team updated at all times. The app’s messaging feature and candidate feed can ensure that everyone in the team, even members who are working remotely, knows the status of every candidate. On the other hand, if you want your job postings to be available to a wider audience, then ClearCompany is better suited for you because it allows applications via mobile devices and through text.

It’s always better to explore more options. Use our Product Selection Tool to get to know more ATS solutions you can trust.

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