Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack

HR Resources Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack

Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack

We compare Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Managing your company’s hiring process is easier with today’s software. Many HR tools improve your employee onboarding and applicant screening by simplifying the steps. If you want to change the way you manage your HR process, Jobvite or ApplicantStack might be what you need.

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Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack: Software overview

Jobvite is an HR tool that focuses on the application and recruitment process of your business. With its job application management feature, you can take total control over the entire hiring process and simplify the onboarding process of your new employees. With Jobvite, you can automate and customize the hiring process of your company.

ApplicantStack is an onboarding and online applicant tracking software that allows companies to recruit, screen, and hire new employees faster. This software makes use of the latest technologies available to automate the hiring and recruitment process of your business. With ApplicantStack, users can create custom job listings and job boards to find the best and brightest employees in the market.

Benefits of Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack

Jobvite and ApplicantStack provide benefits to keep in mind when making your comparison. These benefits are just some of the positive outputs both HR software offer.


  • The robust and advanced features of Jobvite can help businesses create a customized workflow for their recruitment processes.
  • The software provides your new hires with a database through which they can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work efficiently in their newly-acquired position.
  • Its support team responds quickly to your general queries about the software.
  • The platform is easily customizable and they can customize it according to their needs.
  • It allows you to gather information from Linkedln about the candidates to provide you further insights on the qualifications of the candidate. 


  • It allows you to quickly identify potential candidates for a position by specifically searching for certain qualifications.
  • ApplicantStack allows you to create customized email templates and notifications to team members that informs them of all aspects of the hiring process.
  • It lets you store files digitally so there is no risk of lost files or even problematic handwriting.
  • ApplicantStack lets you create questionnaires or sort through resumes and cover letters faster.
  • It allows you to share any listing published in the platform to other venues such as social media sites and job pages.

Similar features of Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack

HR tools are designed to process large amounts of data and convert it into useful information for the company. Jobvite and ApplicantStack each have their own set of unique features that can help you achieve that goal. 

Configurable workflow

Jobvite’s configurable workflow feature allows you to customize and automate your hiring workflows. This feature ensures that your hiring managers comply with your recruitment needs and requirements by automating the recruitment process. With Jobvite’s configurable workflow feature, you can customize your hiring process to find the best candidates suited for the position.

The configurable workflow feature of ApplicantStack provides an easy-to-use interface for its users that enables them to automate the recruitment and onboarding process. This feature greatly reduces the time that your hiring managers and trainers spend on recruiting and teaching new hires. With ApplicantStack’s configurable workflow feature, you can automate the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process.

Customizable reporting

Jobvite’s customizable reporting feature alerts you and your hiring managers to new job openings within the company. This feature then automatically feeds job openings to free job search portals and informs you if there’s an interested applicant. With Jobvite’s customizable reporting feature, you can reach a wider audience with your job openings, and it helps you gather more information about your candidates. 

ApplicantStack’s customizable reporting feature eliminates heavy paperwork and other manual tasks by sending you digital reports. This feature provides you and your hiring managers with fast and accurate reports of the status of your hiring process. 

Which HR software should you choose?

Choosing between Jobvite or ApplicantStack might seem like a difficult task. But if you look closely and weigh their features, you’ll find an option that works. If you still haven’t decided which HR tool you’ll choose, we’ll give you a hand in solving that problem.

If you’re looking for an HR program that allows you to automate the recruitment and onboarding process then we suggest you choose ApplicantStack. With ApplicantStack’s configurable workflow feature you can automate the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that automatically feeds job openings to free job search portals then we suggest that you try Jobvite. With Jobvite’s customizable reporting feature you can reach a wider audience with your job openings, and it helps you gather more information about your candidates. 

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HR Resources Jobvite vs. ApplicantStack