Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruitee

Human Resources Resources Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruitee

Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruitee

We compare Greenhouse ATS and Recruitee to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) software like Greenhouse ATS and Recruitee can help any company find the finest employees to bring their business to life.

Greenhouse has multiple capabilities for recruitment, onboarding, and hiring strategy. Recruitee has robust features for talent acquisition, hiring, and measuring hiring success. Both ATS platforms are fairly new to the market, but both have earned the trust of numerous businesses worldwide.

We will compare the main features of Greenhouse and Recruitee to show you how each ATS software can improve talent sourcing for your company.

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An overview of Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruitee

Greenhouse ATS was founded in 2012. This platform aims to aid businesses by delivering measurable hiring results so they can build and grow. Greenhouse has features for applicant tracking, structured hiring, team collaboration, automated task management, core reports, and mobile access. This software has high end quote-based prices for businesses of any size.

Recruitee is an award winning software developed in 2015. This software assists recruiters and recruitment teams with effectively managing their applicants. Its features include candidate pipelines, job boards, careers site and jobs widgets, candidate video chat, overdue candidate reminders, GDPR compliance, and mobile access. Recruitee has mid-range priced plans and is suitable for all business sizes.

Features comparison

Greenhouse and Recruitee have features for email communication, interview, and mobile access.

Email communication

With Greenhouse, organizations can build relationships with candidates through customizable email templates that bring their brand to life. Custom branded emails are sent from your company’s domain. Scheduled emails can also be sent to candidates to keep the process moving. Pre-existing templates and custom rejection reasons can be utilized for rejection emails. Email flows are sent to new hires for instructions on onboarding.

Recruitee’s email feature lets users save time by automating personalization, replies, and triggered email communications. The software comes with default email templates, but users can also create their own. Email templates can be sent to multiple candidates in bulk. Pre-made templates can be edited and used as a base for custom templates and can be shared with other team members. Emails can be scheduled to be sent later and users can switch between timezones and select a time according to the candidate’s time zone. Automated emails can be sent to a candidate once they are disqualified.


Greenhouse has valuable interviewing features that can make the interview process hassle-free and more effective for companies. The software comes with interview prep kits to avoid biases and maintain fairness during interviews. It also has interview plans to ensure that candidate conversations are exciting, challenging, and interesting while avoiding repetitive questions. Greenhouse lets interviewers talk to candidates in their native language, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Recruitee facilitates a smoother interviewing process through its advanced interviewing features. This software lets hiring departments automate interview planning and schedule interviews according to the availability of the candidates and recruitment team. Recruitee also has a built-in video chatting feature that allows video interviewing.

Mobile access

Greenhouse has native mobile applications downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store. Through the app, new job openings and offers can be approved. The recruitment team can review candidate applications, access interview kits, and provide interview feedback. Users can search for and view candidate profiles. Task dashboards of upcoming interviews, scorecards due, applications to review, and pending approvals can be viewed on the app, too.

Recruitee’s mobile applications are also available on the App Store as well as Google Play Store. The app has several capabilities, such as one-click interview scheduling, task management, and viewing of all upcoming and completed tasks. Users can add, edit, delete, assign, and complete tasks on the go. Job overview is also available wherein preview for job descriptions, requirements, and additional information are displayed. Candidates can be moved along the pipeline stages through a drag and drop motion. Links from e-mail messages open directly in the Recruitee mobile app.


Greenhouse can be integrated with applications for electronic signature, file syncing, team communication, job posting, and business intelligence:

  • Tableau
  • Slack
  • Dropbox Business
  • DocuSign
  • ZipRecruiter

Recruitee integrates with tools and solutions for collaboration, web analytics, mobile applicant tracking, calendar, and access management:

  • Okta
  • Google Calendar
  • Indeed
  • Google Analytics
  • G Suite

The better choice for your applicant tracking needs

Greenhouse and Recruitee both have significant features that can help you find the best person for the job. The better suited software for you will greatly depend on the nature of your business and its specifications.

For example, Greenhouse can be more useful if your company has international branches and you would like to hire locals since Greenhouse’s interviewing feature lets hiring managers converse with applicants in the latter’s native language. On the other hand, Recruitee is the better fit for your company if you want to conduct video interviews instead of face-to-face interviews as this software has a native video interviewing feature.

There are more applicant tracking software solutions to explore. Simply use our Product Selection Tool for a free list of trusted software vendors that can meet your needs.

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Human Resources Resources Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruitee