ClearCompany vs. Recruitee

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ClearCompany vs. Recruitee

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Well-reputed applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions such as ClearCompany and Recruitee aid thousands of businesses in sourcing, attracting, and hiring qualified individuals.

ClearCompany empowers companies to easily recognize, engage, and retain the best candidates among numerous applicants. Recruitee is Europe’s leading ATS software that helps hiring teams streamline and automate their recruitment efforts.

We’ll compare the features of ClearCompany and Recruitee to give you an overview of what you can expect from each ATS software.

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ClearCompany vs. Recruitee: An overview

ClearCompany is an all-in-one talent management solution first introduced in 2004. Aside from applicant tracking, this software has capabilities for workforce planning, onboarding, and performance management. The features of ClearCompany ATS solution include assessments, background screening, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, job posting, resume search, self-service portal, workflow management, and analytics. This software is ideal for SMBs and offers average pricing.

Recruitee is an award-winning ATS software trusted by famous brands like Starbucks, Toyota, and Singapore Airlines. This software has features for job posting, employer branding, customizable careers site, candidate profile imports, collaboration, automation tools, and recruitment analytics. Recruitee is suitable for every business size. It offers average pricing on its plans.

Comparing the features

ClearCompany and Recruitee both have features for job advertisement, candidate sourcing, and interviews.

Job advertisement

ClearCompany has industry-leading partnerships with all of the top job boards. This means that recruitment teams and agencies can purchase paid postings at a discounted rate. Jobs can also be advertised through social and professional networking sites such as Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook. This ATS lets users post across multiple online job sites with a single click. Additionally, ClearCompany provides customizable career sites that seamlessly feature all of the open requisitions in a business.

With Recruitee businesses can also create their own website where they can promote their jobs. Recruitee comes with a careers site editor that allows companies to build their brand, share their vision, and promote their culture. This ATS connects with 1,250+ free and paid job boards where hiring teams can advertise job openings. Like ClearCompany, Recruitee allows social sharing.

Candidate sourcing

ClearCompany has a passive candidate sourcing capability that this ATS believes to be the key to sourcing candidates even if companies don’t have a dedicated sourcing team. This feature aims to reach more top talent and import social contact data directly into the system. This ATS software leverages the existing ATS database to resurface and re-engage past qualified candidates who could be perfect fits for new job openings.

For talent sourcing, Recruitee has a chrome extension that lets companies add potential candidates to the database. For example, a user can browse to an individual’s profile on the web and use the extension to add them to the appropriate job or talent pool. Recruitee helps recruitment teams scout and source candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Dribbble, GitHub, and StackOverflow.


ClearCompany has interview-related features that make the entire process smoother. Teams can save time by automating all the tedious tasks involved with interview scheduling. The software lets users see everyone’s calendars at once and seamlessly coordinate interview lengths, formats, and participants with just a few clicks. Teams are able to send interview invitations, updates, and reminders directly through the system to keep candidates and interviewers on track and eliminate the need for back and forth email communications.

Recruitee enables team members to speed up their interview scheduling process through the scheduler feature. The scheduler does more than set your interview; it actually lets users schedule interviews with more than one person. The system works with a user’s synced calendar to automatically check the availability of all interviewers. A candidate will be able to choose a time slot that suits them and every interviewer involved. Users can sync multiple calendars to Recruitee. When a user has multiple synced calendars in their account, they can choose which they would like the Scheduler to use and check for free time slots.


ClearCompany readily integrates with applications for file syncing, payroll, behavioral assessments, pre-employment personality testing, and learning management:

  • Dropbox Business
  • Paylocity
  • eSkill
  • TalentSorter
  • Absorb

Recruitee has integrations with tools for pre-employment assessment, AI matching, technical assessment, phone number lookup, and background screening:

  • Interview Mocha
  • MoBerries
  • Codility
  • SignalHire
  • Checkr

Choosing the better fit

ClearCompany and Recruitee can definitely improve the hiring process of any business. The better suited ATS software for your company will depend on the features you prefer.

ClearCompany is an end-to-end HR software that can help you attract candidates and take care of them when they finally become part of your company. If you want to use a single software for all your HR needs, ClearCompany is the better fit for you. Recruitee’s features and capabilities are mostly focused on the recruitment process itself. If you are happy with your current software for workforce and employee management and you are looking for an ATS that’s tried and tested, Recruitee won’t let you down.

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HR Resources ClearCompany vs. Recruitee