ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack

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ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack

We compare ClearCompany and ApplicantStack to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

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ClearCompany and ApplicantStack are two up-and-coming HR software options. They are both used by many companies and provide value to a variety of business sizes with wide-ranging needs. This comparison will clarify the similarities and differences between ClearCompany and ApplicantStack.

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ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack: Product overview

ClearCompany is an HR tool that helps businesses manage their workforce and improve their hiring and managing processes. This HR tool boosts the overall work performance of your hiring managers with the help of its applicant tracking and screening features. With ClearCompany, you can keep your business goals aligned with the best employees for the position. 

ApplicantStack is an onboarding and online applicant tracking software that allows companies to recruit, screen, and hire new employees faster. This software makes use of the latest technologies available to automate the hiring and recruitment process of your business. With ApplicantStack, users can create custom job listings and job boards to find the best and brightest employees in the market.

Pros and cons for ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack

Managing, organizing, and tracking prospective candidates are just some of the positive outputs of ClearCompany and ApplicantStack. However, like any HR tools, ClearCompany and ApplicantStack are not perfect. Each tool has its pros and cons to check before committing.



  • ClearCompany aligns and schedules all of your interviews in one place so your hiring managers will not lose track of each conversation.
  • It speeds up your candidate screening and hiring process by sending notifications of the status of each application.
  • ClearCompany provides support tools to help troubleshoot their numerous programs.


  • Some information doesn’t get transferred correctly, such as candidate’s email and phone number. 
  • Customer support can take a while to respond to queries.
  • The workflow feature can sometimes be slow when there are a lot of users online.



  • ApplicantStack provides an easy-to-use interface for its users that enables them to automate the recruitment process and onboarding of recruits.
  • Their customer service is very helpful and accommodates most all requests.
  • It’s easy to use and easy to train less experienced recruiters with its step-by-step approach to learning. 


  • Adding pictures and embedding videos and links can be challenging at times because of its limited functionality.
  • The client/caregiver search bar can sometimes be inaccurate when searching for specific candidates.
  • Reports don’t always import into Excel properly, which results in inaccurate data. 

Similar features of ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack

While each tool has its own unique set of features dedicated to different purposes, there are some features that both ClearCompany and ApplicantStack share.

Employee onboarding

ClearCompany’s employee onboarding feature speeds up your candidate’s screening, evaluating, and hiring processes. This feature streamlines your applicant’s onboarding process by automating your company’s recruitment process. With ClearCompany, your recruitment managers will spend less time finding the right candidates for the job opening.

ApplicantStack’s employee onboarding feature provides an easy-to-use interface for its users to automate the onboarding process of recruits. This feature greatly reduces the time hiring managers and trainers spend on recruiting and teaching new hires. With ApplicantStack’s employee onboarding feature, you can automate the most time-consuming aspects of the placement process.

Customizable reporting

ClearCompany’s customizable reporting feature allows you to automatically sort out the duplicate entries of applicants by identifying previously entered information. This feature allows you to delete repetitive entries by sending a report directly to your hiring agents. With ClearCompany’s customizable reporting tool, you can keep all of your processes in order by automating and customizing the application process of your hiring agents.

ApplicantStack’s customizable reporting feature eliminates heavy paperwork and other manual tasks by sending digital reports. This feature provides  recruiters with fast and accurate reports of the status of your hiring process. With ApplicatStack’s customizable reporting feature, you can go paperless with your daily reports by going digital when it comes to sending reports.

Which HR tool works best for your business?

Knowing what your company needs is an important step to define before buying collaboration software. If you’re still struggling to choose between ClearCompany or ApplicantStack, here’s a quick guide to help you make that decision.

If you’re looking for an HR tool that speeds up your candidate screening, evaluating, and hiring processes then you should try ClearCompany. With ClearCompany’s employee onboarding feature, your recruitment managers will spend less time finding the right candidates for the job opening and more on important matters.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that eliminates heavy paperwork and other manual tasks by sending you digital reports then we suggest you choose ApplicantStack. With ApplicantStack’s customizable reporting feature, you can go paperless with your daily reports by going digital when it comes to sending reports.

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HR Resources ClearCompany vs. ApplicantStack