Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS

HR Resources Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS

Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS

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Deploying learning management software applications has become a common practice for companies looking to increase their workforce’s knowledge and skills. In this article, we’ll be exploring the different features of the two leading LMS options in the market today, Canvas and Mindtap LMS.

Canvas LMS dedicates its features to enhance the training and education process of your business. It creates a shared experience between mobile and desktop browsers, which makes it easier and faster to use. Canvas also creates a dynamic learning program that helps you train and educate your employees effectively and efficiently.

Mindtap LMS provides engaging content that helps you create a dynamic learning environment. With its tools and features, it will help you manage and train your employees faster and even remotely. Mindtap LMS also lets your employees learn through online portals with the use of their mobile phones.

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Support tools 

When it comes to support tools, both Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS can handle your queries online, on the phone, via video tutorials, or directly with a customer service agent. Their support tools can assist you whenever you’re stuck in one of their features or need tips in managing their software. 


When looking for the right learning management software for your company, make sure you get the right package depending on your company’s needs. You don’t need an expensive bundle for your small business, so you should choose the one that will benefit your company in the long run.

Canvas and MindTap both offer a free trial. Pricing is available via requesting a quote.

Similar features in Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS

Canvas and Mindtap LMS have a lot of features for you to discover. Most of these features will help you manage and collect data about learner performance. Here are some features that Canvas and Mindtap LMS provide:

Integrated learning outcomes 

This feature in Canvas allows users to record the outcome of every training done by their employees. It also gives users an insight into where the strengths of an employee lie and helps them develop professionally. This feature is excellent for training employees in a specific field or task.

In Mindtap LMS, their features focus more on identifying gaps in the employee’s training process. By identifying these gaps, the training manager can help the employee focus and train on these shortcomings. A potential application of knowledge and skills helps the employee learn faster and more effectively.

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Online collaborative workspaces 

The online collaborative workspace feature in Canvas allows you to connect with other companies where you can learn together with different company employees, enabling the ability to learn new techniques. Your company can scale faster with the help and knowledge of other veteran companies.

MindTap LMS, on the other hand, attempts to give learners a seamless experience when training with other employees. Their program provides a virtual classroom where employees of similar levels of experience learn together and collaborate. It helps employees connect and learn in various contexts.

Available features in Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS

Canvas and Mindtap LMS have a lot more features to offer. While some features are shared between the two, there are still those that can only be found exclusively in their program. Here are some available features exclusive to each tool:


  • Integrated tools
  • External service integrations
  • Shared resources
  • RSS support
  • LTI integrations

Mindtap LMS

  • Customize Content with Deep Linking
  • Grade synchronization
  • Integrated media reporting
  • Course notifications
  • Audio and video messages

Which learning management software should you choose?

Choosing between Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS can be a hard choice to make. Each LMS has a unique experience to offer. If you’re still undecided about which LMS option you’re going to integrate into your company, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a learning management software that focuses on strengthening your employee’s training process, we suggest you take a closer look at Canvas. The learning method of Canvas can create a combination of traditional and non-traditional learning experiences. This combined learning experience is useful in the learning process of your employees.

If you’re looking for an LMS tool that focuses on accessibility when training your employees, we suggest you consider Mindtap LMS. The features that Mindtap LMS offers provide you with a seamless experience when using their product. With their numerous available platforms, you can train your employees remotely and effectively.

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HR Resources Canvas vs. Mindtap LMS