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Canvas vs. iSpring LMS

If you’re planning on adopting an LMS, we’re here to help you decide which program will benefit your company the most.

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Canvas and iSpring both have features to help your company improve its training process. These features reduce the workload of your business so you can dedicate this time to other uses. With the features they provide, you can train your employees remotely by using their online service portals and web conferencing tools.  

If you’re looking for a learning management software for your business, then Canvas and iSpring LMS might be what you’re looking for to enhance your company. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different features and options of Canvas vs. iSpring LMS. We will also compare their features and available packages that each software includes. If you’re planning on adopting an LMS, we’re here to help you decide which program will benefit your company the most.

We’ve chosen to compare Canvas and iSpring LMS, but these aren’t your only options. TechnologyAdvice can help you narrow your research to software that meets your needs. Use our Product Selection Tool to get your list of recommendations based on your feature requirements.

Support and pricing in Canvas vs. iSpring

Support is a must in every LMS. Canvas and iSpring’s learning management software is well-equipped with several options to assist you in using their features. 

Canvas support software

  • Phone support
  • Online support
  • Video tutorials

iSpring support software

  • Online support
  • Knowledge base
  • Video tutorial
  • Phone support

Canvas and iSpring have pricing that’s specifically designed for different types of businesses. By giving their customers multiple packages to choose from, both vendors allow for more flexibility. Here are the packages Canvas and iSpring offer:

Canvas pricing

  • Quote based plan
  • Free trial
  • Free account

iSpring pricing

  • Free trial
  • 100 active users
  • 300 active users
  • 500 active users
  • Custom

LMS features for Canvas vs. iSpring

There may be different pricing and support options in Canvas vs. iSpring, but their primary function is mostly the same — to bring learning to employees in the most efficient manner. 

Web conferencing tools

When it comes to online training and reporting, Canvas LMS is the best tool for the job. Web conferencing in Canvas allows you to discuss important matters with your employees through a real-time channel. The web conferencing tool in Canvas focuses more on providing customers with a secure line and connection. Security is an important part of any business — that’s why Canvas makes sure  no one else can view your web conference. 

iSpring, on the other hand, uses its web conferencing tools to create multiple channels so that more employees can join the conference. The more channels created, the more employees can be oriented. Data and information can be disseminated faster by using these web conferencing tools.

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Assignment management 

Managing and training numerous employees can be troublesome, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Canvas LMS provides an assignment management feature where managers can assign tasks to specific employees. The main focus is to track and notify the employee of the assigned task to make sure it’s fulfilled. This can cut down on follow-up and oversight for HR teams.

Meanwhile, iSpring’s assignment management feature allows businesses to upload assignments to teach and train new employees. The tool is dedicated to supporting new interns to help them excel in their new environment. This feature also allows its users to track the progress of each employee.

Which learning management software is better? Canvas or iSpring?

If you want a long-term partner for your business, we suggest you integrate Canvas LMS. On the other hand, if you’re going to try out a new LMS, take iSpring with you for their flexible features.

Check the price and available packages of Canvas and iSpring LMS before you make your purchase. Remember, don’t make short-term decisions, stay on a plan that will benefit your company in the long run.

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HR Resources Canvas vs. iSpring