Canvas vs. Absorb LMS

HR Resources Canvas vs. Absorb LMS

Canvas vs. Absorb LMS

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Canvas is a highly acclaimed LMS software used by numerous schools and top universities for an enhanced learning experience for both students and teachers.

Absorb LMS is an award winning LMS software dedicated for corporate use. Absorb LMS was hailed as one of the top LMS software products by various organizations.

While Canvas and Absorb LMS don’t serve the same market, there’s still distinct similarities between the two. After all, they are both LMS and have the same goal — to refine the learning process and experience for learners and instructors alike.

We’ll check out the similarities between the key features of Canvas and Absorb LMS and talk about the features unique to each software product to get an idea of what each LMS can do for your organization.

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Canvas and Absorb LMS: An overview

Canvas is an LMS software product from the Utah-based software company, Instructure. Instructure was founded in 2008, and Canvas was launched as a learning management systems software in 2011. Instructure is currently owned by Thomas Bravo.

Canvas is being used by many educational institutions in the US and other countries. At present, they have 11 offices globally. This LMS software is used by the University of California, Oregon State University, and Cornell University.

Absorb LMS is a scalable LMS software product for business use. This LMS software is developed by Canadian-based Absorb Software company. Absorb LMS has received over 40 awards throughout the years.

Since Absorb LMS is scalable, you can tailor it to your organization’s needs and expand it as your organization grows. Sony, Airbnb, Tiffany & Co., and GAP are just some of the global brands that entrust Absorb LMS for their training needs.

Comparison of features for Canvas vs. Absorb LMS

Creating and uploading of courses 

Courses in Canvas may be created from scratch, copied from existing accounts, and uploaded in CSV format. Complete courses from other LMS can also be imported into Canvas. Important details about courses can be modified in Canvas, too. Additionally, admins can control the visibility of courses to specific users.

Absorb LMS users have the eLearning Content Library feature to help them create courses. There are thousands of pre-made online courses available in the Content Library for instructors to make full use of. If a user wants to create a course from scratch, the Learning Solutions Services team at Absorb LMS will assist them.


Students can collaborate in Canvas in many ways. They can review peers, team up while working on assignments, talk through chat and web conferencing, and start group discussions. Real-time discussions and file sharing within users are also possible with Canvas.

Teams collaborate in Absorb LMS by commenting on threads, rating completed courses, and recommending completed courses to other users. Since the software is designed for individual learning, the collaboration tools are less sophisticated to mimic a classroom setting, like Canvas.

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Mobile access 

Canvas mobile app lets students and teachers interact with each other wherever they are. Students can submit documents through the Canvas mobile app that can be installed in iOS or Android devices. The Canvas platform is also optimized for mobile use, where recorded videos may be uploaded into the LMS for multimedia discussions. Teachers can open submitted assignments and grade students through Canvas mobile.

Absorb LMS has the Absorb Learn mobile app to help learners and instructors access the software on the go. The Absorb Learn mobile app may be installed in compatible iOS or Android devices. The LMS software is accessible even without internet access. Learners can continue with the completion of their training and sync their progress once they have internet connection.


Canvas integrates with numerous school-related information software systems. Canvas can be integrated with sources like Flickr, so students can use images from this photo-sharing app for their assignments. Other integrations for Canvas include MS Office, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Twitter.

Absorb LMS integrates with Salesforce and ADP. Other possible integrations for this LMS software are G Suite, SaaSPaaS, BambooHR, Namely, Workday, Zoom, Skillsoft, and PeopleSoft.

The best LMS software for your needs

There are various LMS software products you can choose from in the market today. But with the comprehensive features and wide-ranging integrations offered by Canvas, there’s no doubt that this LMS software can do wonders for the learning system of your academic institutions.

The same can be said about Absorb LMS. From the pre-built courses to the mobile accessibility of this LMS software, it’s unsurprising how so many of their clients expressed satisfaction.

The software you choose should depend on the needs of your business. Need specific features or integrations? Make sure Canvas and Absorb have the capabilities to allow your business to flourish.  

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HR Resources Canvas vs. Absorb LMS