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Breezy HR vs. ExactHire

We compare Breezy HR and ExactHire to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

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If you’re looking for a dependable applicant tracking system (ATS) software, chances are that you have already seen big names in the ATS industry such as SAP SuccessFactors or IBM Talent Management. While these ATS solutions are great choices, they come with great prices. You don’t have to break the bank in order to find a trusty ATS software – there are many software options that can provide you with top-notch features at a much lower price, like Breezy HR and ExactHire.

Breezy HR is a widely used ATS software with countless users from the advertising, healthcare, and software industries. Its clean and straightforward interface is one of its strongest features. ExactHire is an ATS software with high customer satisfaction ratings and numerous clients from the healthcare, education, software, and retail industries.

We will compare the primary features of Breezy HR and ExactHire to give you an idea of what each software can add to your company.

There are many ATS solutions out there. If you would like to search for more options, use our Product Selection Tool to get a list of reliable software vendors.

An overview of Breezy HR vs. ExactHire

Breezy HR aims to modernize the recruiting process using its comprehensive set of features. Some of the companies that use Breezy HR are L’Oréal and Telus. The software has features for candidate management, advertising jobs, career and referral portals, reporting, emailing, scheduling, candidate sourcing, and team collaboration. Breezy HR has a free plan and low-end priced plans. It is ideal for small, medium, and large-scale companies.

ExactHire offers applicant tracking software, employee onboarding software, and employee assessment tools to improve the hiring process of small and mid-sized companies. The companies that trust ExactHire include the Oxford Financial Group and Wilson Memorial Hospital. Its features include text recruiting, interview scheduling, offer letters, collaborative hiring, and reporting. ExactHire has average priced plans and is best for small to mid-sized businesses.

Features comparison

Breezy HR and ExactHire have features for jobs advertisement, careers site building, and reporting.

Jobs advertisement

With Breezy HR, users simply need to create the job description once, and then the system will broadcast it to all the best free job boards relevant to their area. Users get free job board posting to regional sites that promote the open roles where local candidates will see it. You can also save over 40% when they post to premium job boards.

ExactHire expands the reach of and raises awareness about job openings by automatically pushing job postings to multiple free and paid job boards. Companies can share job openings via social media to leverage the network of potential applicants of both the organization and current employees. Improve job rankings in search engine results pages by creating multiple targeted job page URLs to complement different keyword searches.

Careers site building

Create customizable careers pages that are fully mobile optimized with Breezy HR. Users can add images and brand colors to add personality and create a unique brand. Employee testimonials and team sections, video and photo galleries can be added to the site. Businesses can add embeddable widget or API for full customization, too. Applicants can one-click apply from job boards.

ExactHire provides each business with a branded careers site or applicant portal. Users can customize the color scheme, adjust style settings, and add social sharing icons. Images and videos can be added, too. The ExactHire team will work with the business to ensure that the portal matches the branding of the company website and that the site is secure. ExactHire careers sites are optimized for mobile use.


Breezy HR lets users get actionable insights into every facet of your recruiting process through the use of off the shelf, custom, and compliance reports. Breezy HR’s off the shelf reports include pipeline metrics, hiring funnels, time to fill, and source reports. Compliance reports include EEOC, OFCCP, and GDPR reports.

ExactHire lets hiring teams run standard reports on demand. Standard reports include recruiting, recruiting metrics, source, and time-to-fill reports. Users can also build custom reports for applications and applicant management, which can be saved and exported to external spreadsheets or on payroll software.


Breezy HR can be integrated with tools for web analytics, access management, payroll and onboarding, electronic signature, and social media:

  • Google Analytics
  • Okta
  • Zenefits
  • HelloSign
  • Facebook

ExactHire has seamless integrations with applications for mapping services, onboarding, assessments, appointment booking, and employment eligibility:

  • E-Verify
  • Google Maps
  • HireSelect
  • OnboardCentric
  • Bookafy

The better suited ATS software for your business

Breezy HR and ExactHire are proof that dependable ATS solutions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Both solutions are easy to use, with valuable features that can help you find the right people.

If you own a rather large company with numerous employees, you might find Breezy HR to be better suited for you since it has important features of which you can take advantage, such as the GDPR, EEOC, and OFCCP compliance reports. Also, Breezy HR has a native mobile application that allows users to work on the go.

ExactHire is more compatible with small to mid-sized companies. This software can help you effectively promote job posts through SEO ranking strategies. ExactHire is also the ideal choice for you if you want to get expert assistance in setting up your careers site and ensure that it matches your brand.

If you want to check out other ATS software you can consider for your business, use our Product Selection Tool.

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HR Resources Breezy HR vs. ExactHire