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Breezy HR vs. ApplicantStack

We compare Breezy HR and ApplicantStack to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

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Applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions such as Breezy HR and ApplicantStack do more than simply finding the right talent for specific job positions — these solutions also help hiring teams monitor and measure the efficiency of their hiring process.

Breezy HR is a leading ATS software known for its robust features and intuitive design. ApplicantStack is an award-winning software hailed for its easy-to-use interface.

In this article, we’ll compare the top features of Breezy HR and ApplicantStack to give you an idea of what each ATS software can contribute to your hiring team.

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An overview of Breezy HR vs. ApplicantStack

Breezy HR modernizes the hiring process with end-to-end recruiting features designed for any size team. It was first released in 2014. The key features of Breezy HR include team collaboration, reporting and analytics, job advertising, candidate management, candidate sourcing, email and text messaging, interview scheduling, career portal, and mobile access. Breezy HR has a free version for small businesses and offers affordable priced plans. It suits every business size.

ApplicantStack is a widely-trusted ATS software founded in 2007 that aims to help businesses hire better employees faster and with less effort. The software’s features include job posting and advertising, collaborative recruitment, task management, scheduling, interview management, and reporting. ApplicantStack has low-end priced plans that are suitable for any-sized business.

Comparing the features

Breezy HR and ApplicantStack have features for collaboration, interview scheduling, and reporting.


Breezy HR involves your entire team and helps them make collaborative hiring decisions in real time. Team members can discuss and vet talents in real time, so there’s no delay in getting feedback. The system also has a tagging feature where users can utilize @mentions to notify others and engage the concerned individuals. Breezy HR has a Candidate Scorecards feature that compares candidate ratings in an unbiased manner. Team members can see the potential of each talent on the scorecard and easily start a discussion.

ApplicantStack lets you assign tasks or talents to specific team members. Your team can review applications as they come in and rank them to see who makes the cut. Hiring teams can work together to score individual candidates and immediately screen applications for keywords or qualifications. The scores given by each team member are stored to the system in real time and are accessible to other team members.

Interview scheduling

Breezy HR makes scheduling interviews easier for the entire hiring team. Hiring managers can compare the interviewers’ schedules side by side, check team availability, and simply drag-and-drop interviews into available time slots. The availability of every interviewer is integrated with their existing Google or Outlook calendar so everything is always in sync with the system. Talents can pick their own interview schedule. Interview details, interview type, and location can be added to the scheduled interview, too.

ApplicantStack’s interview scheduling feature lets hiring managers assign one or multiple candidates to an interviewer. Aside from picking the interview schedule, users can also set the interview limit, add an interview description, set the location, and add notes to the schedule. Users can select a time and date for the interview or invite a candidate to select a time based on the interviewer’s availability. Team members can also check the availability of users assigned to the interview and add a questionnaire to be used for the interview.


Breezy HR lets you measure the efficacy of your recruitment process through reports. This software has a collection of useful out-of-the-box reports for different purposes such as pipeline metrics, hiring funnels, source reports, and time to fill reports. Reports for tracking compliance and custom reports can also be built in Breezy HR.

ApplicantStack also has pre-built reports that can help you track the effectiveness of your hiring strategies. These pre-built reports include source performance, time-in-stage for active candidates, hire metrics, and stage conversion. You can group and filter reports on ApplicantStack. Reports can also be added as favorites and exported as a CSV file.


Breezy HR offers wide integration possibilities with applications for onboarding, electronic signature, background checking, access management, and time management:

  • Google Calendar
  • Okta
  • Zenefits
  • HelloSign
  • GoodHire

ApplicantStack can be integrated with numerous applications for cloud storage, inbox management, mobile applicant tracking, job posting, and payroll:

  • Paychex Flex
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Microsoft 365
  • Dropbox Business

The right ATS software for you

Breezy HR and ApplicantStack are both useful tools in finding the right talents for your business and tracking your actual hiring efficiency. Additionally, each software has much to offer to improve your overall recruitment process.

Breezy HR is ideal for you if you’re just starting a small business and have a tight budget because it has a free version. Aside from its free version, another standout feature from this ATS software is its compliance reports, which can truly be beneficial in ensuring that your company abides by all the laws and regulations when it comes to onboarding new employees. 

ApplicantStack’s interview scheduling feature doesn’t only let users set interviews, but it also lets them add questionnaires to these interviews, too — keeping everything more organized and well-prepared.

There are several other ATS solutions you can explore if you’ve yet to find what you’re looking for in an ATS software. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a list of reputable software vendors that can help you improve your recruitment process.

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HR Resources Breezy HR vs. ApplicantStack