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TechnologyAdvice helped Oracle generate hundreds of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for their Sales Cloud pipeline.

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Executive Summary

Lead generation is one of the top challenges for the modern B2B organization. In part, that’s because marketers have yet to pin down the most effective practices, media, and technology. Rather than see their budgets bottom out, many organizations augment their programs with help from a third-party agency. At TechnologyAdvice, we specialize in B2B marketing and lead generation for business technology companies. We build relationships with vendors, learn their products, and connect buyers with the best solutions for their needs. In this case study, we’ll outline a recent success story from one of our clients — Oracle (Customer Experience Applications).

About Oracle

The Oracle Cloud offers complete SaaS application suites for ERP, HCM and CX, plus best-in-class database Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from data centers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information about Oracle, visit oracle.com.

The Challenge

Oracle revamped large sections of its sales process in 2013, driven by then-President Mark Hurd, who became Oracle CEO along with Safra Catz in 2014. This shakeup transitioned sales to a specialist model, focusing on singular product categories. Oracle’s Inside Sales Team is responsible for following up with program leads across the Customer Experience Suite, and they have their share of roadblocks - some programs are fed by expired or low-quality leads, which means good leads can fall through the cracks. In addition, tenuous sales intelligence and lack of cohesion between departments often leaves sales reps unsure how to best follow up with a lead.

Oracle partnered with TechnologyAdvice in the fall of 2014 to create a program that would drive the Sales Cloud pipeline through generation of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Julie Ann Castro, director of North America Marketing for the Customer Experience Applications Campaigns, helped define their prospect targeting requirements:

  • All industries except public sector
  • U.S. organizations of 250 or more employees
  • Sales managers or higher
  • Agreed to be contacted by Oracle rep

The Solution

TechnologyAdvice built a custom content syndication and teledemand program using a piece of top-of-funnel content from Oracle — a whitepaper entitled “How to Drive Revenue With A Modern Sales Cloud.” Our outbound representatives contacted prospects who downloaded the content and followed up with a custom qualification question:

In regards to your current CRM solution which of the following would you say is the biggest need for improvement?

  • Ease of deployment
  • Updating sales numbers across mobile devices
  • Insight into sales forecasting and analytics
  • Collaboration across all teams
  • Building prospect pipeline
  • Other

Additional Coaching

After delivering the leads, TechnologyAdvice sent a client development advisor to train Oracle reps on best practices for following up. The advisor communicated how leads were scored and worked with department leaders to optimize the lead flow process within Oracle’s CRM system. Key points of the training session included:

  • Ease of deployment
  • Updating sales numbers across mobile devices
  • Insight into sales forecasting and analytics
  • Collaboration across all teams

Throughout the follow-up process, TechnologyAdvice performed regular check-ins (every 10 days) with the Inside Sales Team to ensure program effectiveness and lead quality/accuracy.

Summary of Results

100% compliance with Oracle’s unique targeting requirements and guaranteed accuracy of lead information

Generated and delivered 405 MQLs for Oracle Sales Cloud

Based on deals won, TechnologyAdvice's program surpassed a 6,000 percent ROI, with 10 Sales Cloud opportunities still pending

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