Who We Are

Sales and Client Services at TechnologyAdvice includes our three main components - business development, client management, and program execution.

Business Development

Business development is fast-paced and competitive. Our team members understand that success comes from having a strategic plan and taking action. This team gets to work early, constantly looks for new partners and clients to serve, and thrives on winning new business. When working with clients, our business development team is knowledgeable and consultative. They want to make sure each client is set up with the demand generation program to best fit that client’s needs. This team also has the opportunity to travel and take our powerful message on the road. A willingness to attend conferences and visiting clients around the country is necessary.

Client Success

Our client success team focuses on the happiness of our clients. Each Client Success Manager is the main point of contact for a batch of specific accounts and teams up with a Business Development professional to serve a territory. Their entire role is to ensure the greatest experience from on-boarding to delivered product. These folks are experts on our processes and capabilities and we rely on them to translate this knowledge to clients.

Program Execution

Our program execution team manages the creation of our product. Whether it is launching a new marketing program, advising a buyer on the best technology solution, training a new agent, or simply double-checking program specifications, this team is all about quality. Every month this team executes a large volume of programs and skillfully syncs schedules, logistics and timing for a high-quality end result.

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Our Culture

For every member of sales and client services team, there is a focus on education. We offer and encourage in-house training, book clubs, conference tickets, and industry groups to grow team members professionally.

Culture of Education — We want to create a culture where we constantly learn and grow within our industry as well as educate our customers, partners, and buyers example is joining industry groups, developing selling skills, and spending time increasing business acumen and experience.

Culture of Execution — We want to create a culture which links the three core processes of any business (people, strategy, and operations) together to get things done on time example is following the processes as defined, being accountable for the the tasks required of the position, and hitting the monthly/quarterly goals.

Culture of Inspection — We want to create a culture where we inspect what we expect example is knowing your pipeline, constantly looking for ways to improve, and looking for mentoring around role and industry or the sales site.